Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide - Which House Should You Pick?

Choose your house in our latest guide.
Choose your house in our latest guide. Nintendo

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is slowly starting to be one of 2019's best games. In fact, Chaim Gartenberg over at the Verge even went so far as to call it "secretly the best Harry Potter game." The only difference is that well, it's not Harry Potter.

In the game, you start of as a mercenary who has been asked to teach at the Garreg Mach monastery. The monastery functions as a prep school as well as warrior's academy for very promising students. As a teacher, you are then tasked with choosing which house to teach. This is rather important considering that it affects the storyline. Note that this is not a right or wrong decision, but it does impact your gameplay experience.

So what are the houses available?


The Blue Lions are led by Dimitri, who is currently the next in line to the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. While Dimitri is a sincere young man who appears like the embodiment of chivalry, he possesses a faint tinge of darkness beneath this cheerful demeanor. Dimitri is a Noble class and strengths include Authority, Sword, and Spear.

Blue Lions leader Dimitri
Blue Lions leader Dimitri Nintendo

Blue Lions story-wise has the feel of being the most traditional in Fire Emblem. The house is composed of heroic knights and fighters that prefer defending the status quo instead to scheming with other factions. For the Blue Lions, justice is through deeds instead of reform.

Blue Lions is a good house to start for any beginners. They typically focus on swords and lances. Indeed, it is the easiest house that one can start with.


Leading the charge at Golden Deer is Claude. He is also the heir to House Riegan, which is also the lead house of the Leicester Alliance. Both easygoing and charming, Claude is also a little secretive on some subjects.

Golden Deer leader Claude.
Golden Deer leader Claude. Nintendo

Golden Deer follows the story of missing the push to reform Fodlan along with the struggle to survive. This house allows you to get a better view of political affairs since the students generally come from all walks of life.

On the battlefield, the Golden Deer make use of units like archers and mages. These are units that have the advantage of setup for ambushes. Playing as Golden Deer means the early game involves a lot of poking before deciding which is going to deliver the killing blow.

Playing Golder Deer remains to be relatively easy house to start. Unlike Blue Lions though, this house needs you to be a bit more technical and be more concerned with positioning.


Black Eagles is led by none other than Edelgard, the heir to the Adrestain Empire. High-minded and dignified, Edelgard has a solemn air about her. With a tactical mind, she evaluates her surroundings before making any move. Edelgard belongs to the Noble class and strengths include Axe, Authority, Heavy Armor, and Sword.

Black Eagles leader Edelgard.
Black Eagles leader Edelgard. Nintendo

Black Eagles offers the most dense experience, story-wise. Expect some heartbreak if you choose this house. Unlike the other two houses, choosing Black Eagles allows you access to two very different story paths.

When fighting, Black Eagles make use of a high amount of magicians along with axe users. This allows you to have high damage early in the game, but have some rather soft characters in the long game.

Considering that Black Eagles don't have a lot of heavy hitters available, it may be a bit difficult to play them, especially for beginners. Still, if you think you're up to the task, then go ahead.

So which house are you joining? We hope you’re prepared and start your journey off right in this latest offering from Nintendo.

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