'Final Fantasy XV' Episode Gladiolus: Complete Trophies And Achievements List

final fantasy 15 episode gladiolus
Final Fantasy 15's Episode Gladio DLC. (c) Square Enix

The latest Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus DLC is finally here, complete with a whole slew of new content, including new gear and new quests. Episode Gladio takes place during Chapter 13 of the main story where Gladiolus Amicitia is separated from Noctis. The story is only about two hours long and follows Gladio on his quest to obtain more power in order to continue serving as the Shield of the King. With the company of Cor, Gladio explores the mysterious ruins that promise ancient remains of Crownsguard.

Here is the complete set of Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio trophies:

Picker-Upper (Bronze 10G): Picked up all items scattered across Episode Gladiolus Bronze

Column Colossus (Bronze, 10G):  Uprooted all columns. This trophy is a test of Gladio's strength. He can pull columns out of the ground and use them to attack enemies. Walk up to columns and interact with each one.

Master and Pupil (Bronze, 10G): Performed 5 link-strikes with Cor. You can’t manually perform link-strikes as Gladio, so have Cor nearby whenever you do a parry or blindside strike.

Shield of the Chosen King (Bronze, 10G): Completed the trials on Normal. You’ll get this automatically by beating the game on normal.

No Pain, No Gain (Bronze, 10G): Score 500,000 points or more in score attack. You’ll unlock the score attack mode after beating the story.

A New Blademaster (Gold, 110G): Score 1,000,000 points or more in score attack. Same as above, just more difficult.

Transcendence (Silver, 50G) – Defeated Cor. This secret trophy can be earned when you fight Cor after you beat the story DLC. Cor is tough to beat though.

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