Final Fantasy XV: Dawn Of The Future Gets An English Release This Fall

The book is a collection of the cancelled DLC episodes for the game.
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Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future focuses on the characters of Ardy, Noctis, Lunafreya and Aranea.
Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future focuses on the characters of Ardy, Noctis, Lunafreya and Aranea. Square Enix

Are you one of those severely disappointed fans who was left in the dirt following Hajime Tabata’s departure from Final Fantasy XV? Well, it looks like Square Enix has you covered, at least in a novelization format.

Tabata’s departure from the title signaled the end of post-launch DLC content for Final Fantasy XV, which means that there is still a ton of story out there that exists, but not in a video game format. To solve this, Square Enix has announced that the remaining DLC episodes will be combined into a book format, titled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future. It’s part of a bigger push for Square Enix to release and expand its visual novel and manga distribution to a wider audience in the United States, as well as to other English-speaking markets.

Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future covers several DLC episodes unceremoniously cancelled for Final Fantasy XV, as well as the game’s last piece of DLC content released, Episode Ardyn. This episode focuses on the backstory of the game’s primary antagonist, Ardyn Lucis Caelum, and the events from 35 years ago that contributed to his hatred of Noctis’ family. The cancelled DLCs are reimagined as chapters for the novel, and they focus on more characters from Final Fantasy XV, including Aranea, Lunafreya and Noctis. What’s surprising – and ultimately more disappointing – is that the novelization offers a much different ending from the one shown in the game itself. It also details what could have been different gameplay mechanics as well, introduced into each episode.

Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future was already released in Japan back in April. The forthcoming translation will be made available to the United States and other English-speaking markets some time during fall of this year. In addition to Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, Square Enix, in partnership with Penguin Random House Publisher Services, will also release an entire line of localized manga, novels, and art books, all based on the game company's established properties.

Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future may not be what most people are wishing for in terms of a proper ending to the title, but it certainly is worth checking out if you need closure for the events of Final Fantasy XV.


Final Fantasy XV
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Despite it's flaws, Final Fantasy XV is a milestone achievement: not just for being completed, but for being completed with polish, aplomb and love.
  • Engaging main cast of characters
  • Fun, fast-paced combat
  • A massive, beautiful world to explore
  • The Regalia!
  • Continuous updates have addressed some shortcomings of the initial release
  • Major aspects of the story feel rushed or absent, particularly toward the end of the game
  • Stealth sequences feel out of place
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