'Final Fantasy XV' AP Farming Guide: Tips To Earn 500+ AP In 15 Minutes With New Patch Items

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Final Fantasy XV
Noctis encounters Shiva for the first time. YouTube

Tired of the old Final Fantasy XV AP grind? One enterprising YouTuber has posted a guide for how to farm over 500 AP in 15 minutes using new items from Final Fantasy 15 update 1.03.

You’ll need:

  • Blitzer’s Fanfare

  • Warrior’s Fanfare

  • Armiger Accelerator

You’ll also need this Ascension node already unlocked:

  • Armiger Action

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Three Valleys with the Shield of the Just

final fantasy 15 farm spot pov
A POV of the optimal AP farm spot in Three Valleys. Photo: (c) Square Enix
final fantasy 15 farm spot location
The location in Three Valleys to hit up for that dank AP. Photo: (c) Square Enix
  • Summon monsters

  • Wait for battle mode to be activated before killing them (if you wait too long your party will kill the dogs and you’ll lose AP from warp-strikes)

  • Activate Armiger for +1 AP (don’t do it while a monster is still alive, you’ll deplete armiger bar and waste time. Best moment to activate Armiger is before the health bar of the last monster is half-empty. You’ll get +1 AP for activating it and Armiger bar will practically be untouched)

  • You’ll get +3 AP from an A+ in Timing and Offense thanks to the fanfares

  • As soon as you see the +3 AP, summon a new pack of monsters

  • If you wait too long you won’t be able to summon another pack until after the Report Card finishes handing out XP

Here’s a video explaining the process:


How does this compare to other methods of AP farming in Final Fantasy 15 ? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Don’t miss out on our other Final Fantasy 15 guides:

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