'Final Fantasy XV' Afrosword Coming In 1.09 Update, Along With UI Tweaks And More

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'Final Fantasy XV's 1.09 update includes the Afrosword.
'Final Fantasy XV's 1.09 update includes the Afrosword. Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV will update to version 1.09 on April 27. While the latest patch doesn’t include any topless chocobro outfits this time around, there’s some fun treats in store for FF fans, like the return of Timed Hunts, tweaks to the UI and the chance to earn new bonus weapons, including the DJ deck-themed Afrosword.

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The Afrosword stems from the FFXV team’s collaboration with Afrojack, whose music is included in the Regalia’s CD collection in-game. Nova Crystallis reports the two-handed Afrosword is based on DJ decks, and shifts the battle music to a new FFXV-themed track by the artist. The weapon can be obtained by completing a Timed Hunt, though details about the hunt have not been released at this time. It seems the Afrosword will fall into the Greatsword category and can presumably be wielded by either Noctis or Gladio. (We happen to think Ignis would lay down the illest beasts of all the guys, but no one asked us for our opinion.)

You can watch Afrojack dish the dirt on the Afrosword in the brief video below:

The Afrosword isn’t the only new weapon on offer. Japanese site Gamer reports Timed Quests will now reward players with “luxury weapons,” as well as add ranking functions to these optional hunts. Square Enix hasn’t offered further details on these new weapons yet, but expect to hear more come April 27.

Update 1.09 will also allow the game’s subtitles and menu screen size to be magnified, a small but welcome tweak that should save players a bit of eye strain on all but the largest of TVs. PS4 Pro players will benefit from a new image quality mode, allowing for more stable framerates and a smoother visual experience. A new decal for the Regalia and some new music for the in-game CD player round out the tweaks.

What do you think of the changes coming in FFXV’s 1.09 update? Do you want to get your hands on the Afrojack sword? Would you like to hear Ignis do a little freestyle beatboxing? Feel free to talk all things FFXV in the comments.

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