Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: New Character Classes and Details Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker
Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Square Enix

A recent fan festival event has revealed new information about an upcoming character class and more.

Every year, Square Enix usually holds three fan festival events but the company has decided to consolidate them into one due to the pandemic. That event happened via livestream and Final Fantasy XIV Online’s game producer Naoki Yoshida did not disappoint fans.

He has revealed quite a lot, particularly details about the game’s upcoming expansion: Endwalker.

New Character Classes

How do you feel about wielding a scythe to kill your enemies? If you’ve wanted the developer to implement that weapon, then your prayer has been answered.

The upcoming expansion will introduce a new class called the Reaper. Using this character will let you wield a two-handed scythe, reminiscent of the design of the game Bloodborne.

If you want to unlock this job, there are two things that you need to do. First, you must buy the expansion. Second, you have at least one level 70 character in your account. Completing these two things will let you gain a quest that unlocks the new class.

Aside from the Reaper, another class will be introduced in the expansion. Earlier this year, the Sage was also revealed. It is a healer-based character that makes use of Nouliths that channel aether-based attacks.

Since the Sage focuses on support-based magic, you could say that this job class balances what the Reaper does.

New City Hub

Every new expansion sets a particular city as the main hub for players. In Endwalker, the Old Sharlayan City will be the new place where people can congregate.

The city is situated by the seaside and it is filled with ships, amazing architecture, a huge library, and more. Players will surely love hanging out in this new area.

Fly to the Moon

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is filled with many beautiful cities and landscapes. But more importantly, players will finally be able to fly to the moon at some point.

Certain areas that will also be introduced are Labrynithos, Radz-at-Han, and of course, the moon. Players can fly to the new area by following the main questline available in the new expansion.

Loporrits and the Male Vieras

The new beast tribe known as the Loporrits will also join the fray. They are adorable rabbit creatures that can be found on the moon. It is still unclear what their role is in the story, but their cuteness is always a welcome addition.

Aside from these cute rabbits, the Viera tribe will introduce their male populace as well. Fans of the game have been clamoring for a male Viera design for some time and players can expect them in the next big version update.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will be available on November 23, 2021, for PS4, PS5, and PC. What are you most excited about in the upcoming expansion?

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