Final Fantasy XIV to Resume Automatic Demolition of Estates March 9

Housing alert!
Housing alert! Square Enix

If you own a house in Final Fantasy XIV and haven’t logged in to the game for some time, there’s some bad news. The automatic demolition of estates resumes on March 9. But don’t panic since there’s still a way to save your house.

Before that, a quick recap on what this feature is all about. The game lets a player buy land and build a house on it. Since it was introduced, there has been a high demand and ultimately not everyone can get it.

To make sure that plots of land are not left unused, estates not accessed for a certain period of time are automatically demolished and those plots are put back up for sale.

The automatic demolition was suspended back in December 2021 mainly to the congestion caused by the release of Endwalker. With that issue being solved, it isn’t a surprise to learn that automatic demolition is back.

The development team revealed that the counter for automatic demolition is reset for certain estates depending on the usage of housing during the period when estate demolition was suspended. For example, if an estate hasn’t been built on the plot, the counter could be reset upon entering the estate once it has been built.

For players who were able to enter their estate at least once during the suspension period, the auto-demolition timer resets for free company estates that have been entered by a leader or member at least once. For private estates, the timer resets if they have been entered by the owner at least once. The count for days of inactivity for the aforementioned estates starts again on March 9.

Meanwhile, for players who weren't able to enter their estate during the suspension period, the automatic demolition timer resumes from the time that was remaining as of December 5.

The team went on to say that a notification will be delivered to the e-mail address registered to the Square Enix accounts of those players whose estates are being prepared for automatic demolition within ten days from when the timer resumes. To avoid this problem, the team suggests that players log in and enter their estate before the automatic demolition timer resumes on March 9.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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