Final Fantasy XI Online Welcomes New Enemies with Latest Update

Get ready to meet new enemies. Square Enix

The May update for Final Fantasy XI Online is finally here. There's a lot of new content to look out for like the new foes that's being introduced in Master Trials and even Ambuscade. There's also a limited-time logion campaign along with a co-op campaign.

Anyway, for the Master Trials, players need to take down Chaos and Bahamut and in return earn special rewards. Meanwhile, players are going to see Tonberries and Pteraketos make a return to Ambuscade.

The May update launches a new login campaign. This one started May 13 and is expected to run until June 9. Through this campaign, players get to receive points and then exchange them for different in-game items. You can check out the rewards here.

System-Related Changes

The May update introduces some changes to the Quest Menu. For example, a new Vana'Bout entry has been added. This means that the entry for Vana'Bout won't be displayed anymore in the list of Records of Eminence objectives currently being offered. What happens instead is that once the Vana'Bout starts, the Vana'Bout objective is offered up automatically.

Still on the Vana'Bout, the number of plaudits for the Daily Objective is now between 10 to 30 instead of just 10. For the period objective, it's now between 50 to 100 rather than just 30. Meanwhile, the number of plaudits necessary to receive the Silver tier personal rewards has already been lowered as is now at 750 from 900. Some items available as personal rewards have been added or changed.

Ranking Board

Players should be happy to know that a ranking board has been added to the game. To register and view their plaudits, players need t speak to the Coordinator Moogle in Mhaura (G-8). Players can choose to register in the ranking if they have one or more plaudits. The character name, plaudits total, and registration date are registered for the ranking. Players also have the ability to keep their character name anonymous.

Learn more about the different changes made through the new update here.

Final Fantasy XI Online is an online multiplayer RPG where players get to journey across the world of Vana'diel. It's a world of fantasy, adventure, and exploration while becoming the hero that Vana'diel needs. Players also get to discover new creatures, pioneer wild lands, and conquer quests on their daring journey.

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