Final Fantasy XI Online: January Update Adds New Chapter to the Voracious Resurgence Storyline

Greet the new year with fresh content
Greet the new year with fresh content Square Enix

The January update for Final Fantasy XI Online is now available to all players. It introduces different new content for everyone to enjoy like the latest chapter of The Voracious Resurgence storyline. In particular, Chapter 10 Part 2 focuses on a betrayer and players need to work together with Destiny Destroyers and make sure that the sinister plot does not get fulfilled.

There are also updates now live in Ambuscades including the enemies in Normal and Intense Ambuscades being swapped out. Players can also challenge returning flans and moogles. Plus, objectives of the Corresponding Records of Eminence have been changed.

Players can also join the January 2023 Login Campaign from January 10 to February 9. During this period, players receive points that are exchangeable for in-game items.

Boost Campaign

The New Year Early Boost Campaign begins today, January 11, and runs until January 31. So, expect a bunch of campaigns available during the period.

One of these is the Assault - Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey Mysterious Item Campaign. Here, adventurers have the chance to get new mysterious items whenever they defeat a notorious monster on each floor for the duration of the campaign. In addition, lair, colonization, and wildskeeper reives offer evaluation bonuses.

Another one is the Mog Gardens Campaign, which actually has these modifications for the period of the campaign:

  • The number of shining stars received when entering a Mog Garden is doubled.
  • Different items wash ashore.
  • Items may be harvested from Monster Rearing twice per day.
  • These Items are sold in The Gardens:
    • Golden Seed Pouch
    • Chestnut Tree Sap
    • Monarch Beetle Saliva
    • Bronze Bed
    • Mahogany Bed
    • Noble's Bed
    • Goblin Stew 880

You can view the complete list of campaigns available during the New Year Early Boost Campaign here.

Special Site

The WE ARE VANA’DIEL special site is still live and continues to highlight different aspects of Final Fantasy XI and its history across the years. It's also been updated with new content to give players a peek into the world of the development of Final Fantasy XI Online. The latest updates include:

  • WE GREW VANADIEL #16 – Kazuyoshi Mochizuki – Part 1 through 3
  • WE GREW VANADIEL #17 – Matt Hilton & Anthony Caraway – Part 1 through 4

Final Fantasy XI Online is available on PC.

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