Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releases Tifa PS4 Theme

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It's all Tifa. Square Enix

It wouldn’t come as surprise if you’re a fan of Tifa Lockhart. After all, she isn’t only a martial artist, but also a pull-up specialist while serving as owner of Midgar’s best bar. These are just some of Tifa’s talents. That said, there’s a treat for her fans as Final Fantasy 7 Remake is releasing the Tifa Dynamic Theme. This one has Tifa sitting on top of a Nibelheim water tower while looking up at the starry night sky.

That’s not all as this theme also brings with it a rather nice touch. It shows Tifa sitting in front of the PS4’s icons. This gives it a sense of depth as players scroll behind her. In addition, the theme also features Tifa’s theme music from the game.

By the way, did we forget to mention that the theme is available for free?

The Tifa theme is a new addition to what is already available in the PlayStation 4. There is, for example, the Cloud theme, which is exclusive to PS Plus members. This one has Cloud facing the Shinra Building with his hand on his trusty Buster Sword. Playing in the background is the Let The Battles Begin track.

For those who have the digital versions of both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 14 Online, there is the FF7 Remake & FF14 Purchase Bonus Theme – Prelude. The theme combines both games and switches between Midgar and the Warrior of Darkenss. It also comes with the FF7 Remake Prelude music.

New Merch Available

If you prefer something concrete instead of digital, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has you covered.

There is a lot offered, but if you’re interested, the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake statuettes on sale include:

  • Cloud Strife
    • Description
      • Meticulously painted in order to properly convey each aspect of the game’s protagonist, from the determined expression to the iconic Buster Sword.
    • Available
      • August 2020
    • Price
      • $44.99
  • Sephiroth
    • Description
      • He may be a villain but there’s no question he makes for an excellent and dynamic statuette.
      • This statuette shows him standing strong with his Masamune sword.
    • Available
      • August 2020
    • Price
      • $49.99
  • Aerith
    • Description
      • This local florist is dressed in her now famous outfit while wielding her Guard Stick.
    • Available
      • August 2020
    • Price
      • $39.99
Grab the chance to own these beauties. Photo: Square Enix
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