Final Fantasy 7 Patch 1.01 Finally Fixes Music Bug

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7 Square Enix

Square Enix finally released a tweak to Final Fantasy VII that many players have long requested. Update 1.01 fixes what many dubbed as the 'music bug'.

For years, players have been plagued by this particular bug. Specifically, it is a music glitch that resultsin the background music restarting once each battle is over. This was first experienced by many players in the earlier ports of the game. However, it appeared to make a comeback when the game was launched on modern platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

This was annoying to many players, since Final Fantasy VII has a really wonderful soundtrack. The bug meant that players only got to hear the first 10 seconds of the music before it looped. The fix has been implemented for both the Xbox One and Switch versions. There is no word yet when the PS4 version gets the fix.

Aside from the music fix, the patch also solves some issues related to gameplay and cutscenes.

So far, the community response to the fix has been overwhelming, to say the least. On Twitter, a number of players are happy that Square Enix is finally listening to them. Over on Reddit, the consensus is that no one ever expected that the bug would be fixed.

For now, the questions are when will the fix arrive to PS4, and if Square Enix will also be fixing the bugs with Final Fantasy 9.

Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing game originally released for the PlayStation back in 1997. It received wide acclaim and critical success, with many saying that it was one of the greatest video games of all time. Versions compatible with other consoles have been released over the years, with the Xbox One and Switch versions having a worldwide release in March of this year.

During the E3 2015, Square Enix officially announced that the company was working on a full Final Fantasy VII remake. Like the original game, the story follows mercenary Cloud Strife as he and the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE go against the Shinra mega-corporation and Sephiroth. For the remake version, the gameplay is projected to mix real-time action, much like Dissidia Final Fantasy, and other strategic elements. The remake is also releasing in an episodic format.

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