‘Final Fantasy 15’ Tops Japan Sales In Its First Week, But Figures Are Significantly Low For The Franchise

The release date for Final Fantasy 15 reviews has been revealed
The release date for Final Fantasy 15 reviews has been revealed Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 has been in the making for a decade. We know this. FF15 fans couldn’t be happier that it’s finally here. FF15 cost a lot to make as well, and according to Gamerant, this venture has to sell 10 million copies worldwide in order to break even. Below are some numbers of FF15’s copies sold in Japan.

We’ll focus on one major segment of the target market – Japan. Via Kotaku, FF15 has sold 690,471 copies in its first week at Japan retail locations. It may sound like a decent amount, but in comparison to previous Final Fantasy games in their first week, FF15 has not made the cut.

While FF15 may top Japan's sales charts, its numbers still look historically low compared to old FF titles including FFXIII, FFXII and FFX. See the sales numbers below (as reported by Japanese gaming site jin115) of previous FF titles sold during the first week at Japan retailers.

  • Final Fantasy XIII: 1,516,532 million
  • Final Fantasy XII: 1.8 million
  • Final Fantasy X: 1.7 million
  • Final Fantasy VIII: 2.5 million
  • Final Fantasy VII: 2.03 million

Although FF15 first week sales are low in comparison, it doesn’t mean the game is not reaching its sales heights, but rather because video game sales are different now. People are waiting longer before making purchases and most are ordering digitally, we can’t forget that.

Here at iDigital Times, the staff is very much enjoying FF15. Be sure to check out some of our helpful guides:

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