'Final Fantasy XV' Justice Monsters Five Rewards List: Every Item To Snag From The Pinball Mini-Game

'Final Fantasy XV' Justice Monsters Five Rewards List
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Noctis and the boys enjoying Justice Monsters Five Square Enix

Justice Monsters Five is a variant of pinball in Final Fantasy XV where you “fight” against enemies and bosses, depleting their HP with shots and combo hits in order to win one of many prizes, mainly consisting of curative items or equippable accessories like bangles and bracelets.

The rewards you obtain by playing Justice Monsters Five depend on the number of treasure chests you manage to collect. (They’re the golden rectangles that pop up in the slot-machine reels when you clear a round; we thought they were planks of wood at first.)

Justice Monsters Five is also available as a mobile game via the App Store and Google Play. Using the app will grant you bonuses in the FFXV version of the game and unlock a special sticker for the Regalia.

Justice Monsters Five Locations

Justice Monsters Five Machines can be found in all Crow's Nest Diners, and near the cafe in Altissia. The machine in Altissia costs 10,000 Gil per game, so consider it for advanced players only!

Justice Monsters Five 10 Gil Rewards

Number of Treasure Chests -- Reward

2 -- Potion

5 -- Hi-Potion

10 -- Elixir

15 -- Hi-Elixir

20 -- Garnet Bracelet

25 -- Carbon Bangle

30 -- Amethyst Bracelet

35 -- Titanium Bangle

40 -- Mega Phoenix

45 -- Sapphire Bracelet

50 -- Gold Bangle

60 -- Oracle Earring

70 -- Ruby Bracelet

80 -- Platinum Bangle

90 -- Emerald Bracelet

99 -- Celestriad

Justice Monsters Five 10,000 Gil Rewards

The super-deluxe JMF machine near Alessio in Altissia costs a whopping 10,000 Gil per game. Not surprisingly, the rewards are far better than you’ll find in the regular machine.

Number of Treasure Chests -- Reward

5 -- Hi-Potion

10 -- Mega Phoenix

15 -- Ruby Bracelet

20 -- Platinum Bangle

25 -- Emerald Bracelet

30 -- Centurion Bangle

35 -- Mystic Circlet

40 -- Moogle Charm

45 -- Legatus Bangle

50 -- Blue Diamond Bracelet

60 -- Gigas Bangle

70 -- Assist Suit

80 -- Dark Matter Bracelet

90 -- Onion Bangle

99 - Wind-up Lord Vexxos

In case you're wondering, the game's final reward, the Wind-up Lord Vexxos, can be sold for a whopping 500,000 Gil or used to make some intensely powerful spells in crafting.

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