'Final Fantasy 15' DLC Wish List: Top 6 Summons I Want To See In FFXV's Hyper Real Style

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Say what you want about Final Fantasy 15’s plot, but its hyper-real look and feel are one of the things that help ground players in the four fabulous personalities of our main characters. The Six Gods we meet are larger than life, meticulously-detailed and feel as truly awesome as such otherworldly beings ought to feel. Here’s my vote on the top 6 summons I’d love to see in Final Fantasy XV ’s supermassive style in upcoming DLC.


Doom Train


Chapters 9 through 12 might as well be called “Doom Train” anyway. The only thing that will help take away the sting of being literally railroaded is being able to summon a literal railroad train. Those sick guidelights of fire…. The clanging of the bell…. For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee , my guy.

I imagine that Final Fantasy XV ’s version of Doom Train has flames the size of mountains, clanging that sounds like a Nazgul’s last wretched gasps for air and a tortured flesh-face that actually moves, whispering abominations as it plows straight through a bunch of hapless mutant deer.

Summoning requirements include posting on a forum at least once about how much you hated Chapter 13.




With all of Final Fantasy 15 s prattle about daeaeaeaemons (that’s not a typo, I just really wonder about that superfluous ‘a’), this boss-ass demon king would fit right in. That giant black ball of malignant energy swarming with all the darkness in the world, Diablo emerging like a freshly-born nightmare coated in goop, that iconic red-and-black color scheme and the evil sounds he makes as he flattens you with a sphere of slimy arcana - it’s too good.

Summoning requirements would have to be that you’re in a battle against demons. It feels cosmically right to only summon Diablo at night.


Knights of the Round


Does it take basically thirty years to sit through this summon? Yes. Do I care? No. Final Fantasy VII ’s iconic summon is like a little group of gods all to itself, and whacking the Adamantoise with a billion knights is an orgasmic image.

Hell, this is basically the ending cutscene that kills Noctis. Grandpas of the Round, anyone? Summoning requirements include not eating your vegetables, rolling your eyes at camp chores and anything else that would cause your dad to scold you.




Please give Shiva a friend in the lady summon department. Siren is so beautiful, so haunting, with such a serene and simple animation. I especially like that while she may not do great tearing hunks of damage like some of the other summons on this list, she’s strategically useful with her debuffs, which would bring another interesting element to Final Fantasy 15 ’s rough and ready combat.

She could have similar summoning requirements to Leviathan, like being near a body of water, with the simple addition of “have spoken to a female recently.” That might be a bit tough if you’re far from Hammerhead, but our brave band of chocobros can surely find one of Lestallum’s bikini-overall girls or accept a quest from the Frog Professor, right?




Just the thought of those massive wings unfurling, rendered in Final Fantasy 15 ’s style, is enough to get me hyped. More importantly, Alexander deals Holy damage and Final Fantasy 15 is rife with these demonic (sorry, daeaeaemonic) bastards. You know what solves that? A walking fortress filled with the light of the Six is what. The idea of Alexander’s runes coming alight on some dungeon’s ancient walls as he detaches himself to give a gravelly ol’ smackdown is super exciting.

Summoning requirements include a real estate license.


Fat Chocobo


(Best. Video. Ever.)

Does this fit with the lore of the Astrals and the Six and all that? No. But Final Fantasy 15 barely seems to mention its own background lore in-game, so who cares? Can’t the magical creatures known as Chocobos get a god of their own? Final Fantasy 15 really did right by chocobos. They’re so fluffy, so cheerful and friendly, so adorable, and a Fat Chocobo summon would be a fun goofy thing to add in some fun goofy DLC. Such as a carnival, for instance.

Summoning requirements include completing the chocobo quest chain, having at least 10 pictures of a chocobo via #Promptography and visiting the black chocobo baby like 47 times. Show your love and you too will be rewarded.

Gilgamesh is on its way in Episode Gladio, so he doesn’t get a spot on the list. I don’t really care about Odin, so he doesn’t get one either. Sorry!

What other Final Fantasy summons would you love to see join the Six in Final Fantasy 15? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below

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