Fight Crab To Get A Switch Version In The West On September 15

The absolutely insane crustacean fighting game will first release on PC this July 30.
Fight Crab, releasing on PC this July 30, will also be getting a Switch version due out on September 15.
Fight Crab, releasing on PC this July 30, will also be getting a Switch version due out on September 15. Mastiff

Developer Calappa Games and publisher Mastiff have just announced that the crustacean combat action game Fight Crab will be getting a Nintendo Switch release via the Nintendo eShop on September 15 for North America, Europe, and Australia.

If there is one word to describe the premise of Fight Crab, it has got to be 'outrageous'. Players assume the role of crabs (or lobsters, they’re still crustaceans) in a battle for supremacy. Set in a world where these hardy crustaceans have been granted unbelievable size, strength, speed, and intelligence by generous (and perhaps malevolent) gods, the massive creatures have now started an uprising to overthrow the human species and gain control over Earth. With the humans proving to be easy enemies and their oppressor's tools now at their disposal, these creatures now travel the lands sideways to find their next worthy crab opponent. There’s only one rule of Fight Crab: “those who are flipped onto their shells must admit defeat.”

We don’t know much about the plot yet (or if there is going to be an actual plot to this game) but basically, players go through Fight Crab’s main campaign mode by fighting other crabs in different locations all over the world. Progressing through the game means unlocking new playable crabs, learning powerful, game changing skills, and collecting an array of diverse and deadly weapons such as the whip sword, nunchaku, axe gun, chainsaw, and beam saber. Crabs can also be customized, both in visuals and stats, to build the most perfect crab killing machine crab-kind has ever seen.

Currently, Fight Crab is on’s Early Access. Once version 1.0 launches, it has been confirmed that there will be seven tutorial stages, 34 stages across seven chapters for its campaign mode, 23 kinds of playable crabs, 48 different weapons, and 11 unique battle arenas. Outside of the campaign mode, there are a variety of matchmaking options which include 1v1s, 2v2s, offline and online co-op, versus, and battle modes. Integration wise, the Switch version will make use of the Joy-con motion controls to control the crabs’ multiple limbs for punching, grabbing, and flipping.

Fight Crab will launch worldwide for the PC via Steam and on July 30. The Nintendo Switch version will be released in both physical and digital formats by September 15.

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