FIFA Mobile To Improve Perks, Bring Back Squad Building Challenges

Changes coming.
Changes coming. EA

FIFA Mobile is set to release an update that brings a large number of changes. One such change is an update to Perks. Additionally, the Squad Building Challenges are set to make a return with the Star Pass also getting some updates. All of this is going to happen this month and we take a closer look at what these changes offer.


Let's start with Perks. FIFA Mobile revealed that players are going to be able to acquire perks faster. However, these Perks are also going to cost more. This is good news for those who haven't been able to complete their first set of the tree yet. Once the update rolls in, this should allow these players to be able to catch up to the others. However, those who did manage to complete the tree get the chance to claim the first set of Perks with their Perk Points.

Star Pass

An update to Star Pass is also coming which is going to add rewards that can be earned over a longer period of time. This is in addition to the rewards already being offered each month. The update is going to have players earn Star Tokens which can then be used for Coins, Training XP, and even Skill Boosts.

The more players spend Star Tokens on special offers, the faster they'll be able to get Icon players like Cannavaro, Best, Gullit, and even Prime Icon Roberto Carlos. What the update does is that players no longer need to choose between getting an Icon or going for the skill boosts.


Speaking of Icons, this has long been requested by many players for months now. Icons are going to have their own event and can be earned through Squad Building Challenges. Not all Icons are going to be available, but more Icons are planned to be added over time.

According to the FIFA Mobile team, both Icon players and unique SBC players are not going to be auctionable. Thus for those looking for a particular Icon, they won't be available on the Market. Instead, players need to complete SBC challenges to get the Icon they want.

Squad Building Challenges

This brings us to Squad Building Challenges. This has long been a feature of the game, and it is making a return with the upcoming update. In addition, SBC is also going to let players have more options to upgrade in order to have the Ultimate Team.

For those seeing this feature for the first time, SBC is going to show up as a new circular node type in various events. Once SBC is accessed, players are going to see a Starting 11 formation that comes with a list of requirements. These requirements need to be met to complete the challenge. Players that are missing a few players in order to complete their SBC can go to the Market, current events, or even the Store. There they can get the players needed to complete that particular challenge.

Player Ranks

Making a return as well are the Player Ranks. Multiple players can be ranked up using Rank Tokens, Coins, or other requirements. That's not all, as FIFA Mobile is also going to make it better to transfer Ranks between all players on the roster. Indeed, transfer ranks are now possible without losing the previous player.

Excited yet for these upcoming changes?

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