FIFA 20 Fourth Update Makes Changes To Skill Moves

Latest title update released.
Latest title update released. Electronic Arts

FIFA 20 released its fourth Title Update, which brings changes to Skill Moves. The update also makes improvements on the Career Mode and Goalkeepers.

Players should also be happy to know that Skill Games now have text descriptions added to the Skill Game requirements. This is now going to be displayed while playing the games. It should help players make it easier to understand what they need to do in each Skill Game.

Speaking of Skill Moves, the changes were a result of feedback received through the game's development cycle. While there are a number of changes implemented, the FIFA Team focused on two particular skill moves.

The first is Fake Shots and the update increases the likelihood that error impacts multiple Fake Shots chained while sprinting, specifically when they’re chained at a 45-degree angle in either direction. What this means is that chaining Fake Shots at 45-degree angles while the player is sprinting becomes a riskier series of actions. With this change, players need to think more carefully when performing these Fake Shots.

The second skill is the Drag Back. What the update does is lowers the exit speed when performing the Drag Back Skill Move at a 180-degree angle. The team said that when they were able to identify how this skill was used in-game, they made this change in order for the skill move to be more aligned with its real-world counterpart.

Career Mode

According to the FIFA team, the fourth update contains the first set of changes to Career Mode. Similar to Skill Moves, the changes were based on player feedback obtained from launch. One change is that Goal Difference has been added to the Standings Screen.

A more important change, however, is that the update fixes the issue of opposing AI controlled teams fielding weaker lineups in inappropriate situations. What this means is that AI controlled teams now field stronger lineups in the right situations. Hopefully this allows for more realistic outcomes, especially in Career Mode. It should also mean that players now encounter fewer instances of a big team fielding their lower rated players throughout the course of a season. Even better news, this change has been applied to the existing Career Mode save files of players so there is no need to start a new career.

The change should also have an effect on situations where top-rated teams ended up at the bottom of their league tables and even sometimes being relegated. The FIFA team said it is going to continue to monitor this situation to see if further issues arise.


Changes were made to Goalkeepers back in the second update. In this new update, one new change is that the likelihood that a goalkeeper gathers the ball after performing a slide into a ball carriers’ feet has been increased. Say for example you want your goalkeeper to rush out in a 1v1 situation. Your objective is to hopefully slide into the striker’s feet and collecting the ball before the striker can shoot. The change means that goalkeepers now more likely gather the ball rather than simply causing contact. This should lower the possibility of loose ball situations.

You can view all the changes that came with the update here.

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