FIFA 20 Makes Changes To Goalkeepers And Dribbling In Latest Update

Here's what's coming in the new update.
Here's what's coming in the new update. Electronics Arts

FIFA 20 released its first title update which includes changes to the gameplay, particularly when it comes to the goalkeepers and dribbling. This new update was released first to the PC version with the update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions set to arrive soon.

FIFA 20 said that the gameplay team has long been working on these changes based on feedback made by those who were part of the Closed Beta. In addition, most of the updates have in fact been played by some of those in the community and their feedback also influenced the updates when needed.


There are two main changes when it comes to goalkeepers. The first was focused on how goalkeepers were handling shots that resulted in rebounds. The update now ensures that goalkeepers are going to be more likely to push the ball further away from the net, especially when they make a save that would result in a rebound.

The gameplay team hopes that this with change, along with other fixes for goalkeepers, there will be fewer goals from rebounds. In the past, the goalkeeper usually directed the ball to a spot where an attacker could easily score a rebound goal.

The second important change focused on penalties and the range on which a keeper reacts. The change also makes sure that when goalkeepers are standing still in the middle of the net, they are going to attempt to make a save.

These are just some of the changes made for goalkeepers and more are expected to arrive in future updates.


For this update, the changes made to dribbling focused on making sure that players with high-end dribbling related attributes become as responsive as possible when they have the ball. This mainly benefits when changing directions while dribbling the ball.

In particular, the responsiveness of dribbling has been improved, especially when players do not use any dribbling modifiers or skills moves. This also benefits players that have an average rating of 80 or higher between the attributes of dribbling, agility and balance. Other details include:

  • The effectiveness of this improvement is going to scale based on the average rating.
    • Least improvement felt at 80 with most improvement at 99.
  • This does not have an impact on players that don't have an average rating of exactly 80 or higher between the attributes of dribbling, agility and balance.

What this means is that when playing against someone that has an average rating of 80 or higher between the three mentioned attributes, players are not more responsive when having the ball on their feet. It's also not going to have an impact when players are using dribbling modifiers like strafe dribbling or performing skill moves. However, it is going to be in effect when players are dribbling using basic moves like when sprinting.

You can view the complete list of changes in the first title update here.

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