Fault: Elder Orb Now Free to Play; Patch 0.17.0 Brings Big Changes to In-Game Economy

Patch 0.17.0
Patch 0.17.0 Strange Matter Studios

The developers of Fault: Elder Orb launched a new update as the game goes free-to-play. Patch 0.17.0 brings some fundamental changes to the economy by removing the Mark System and replacing it with cores and orbs.

What are Cores?

Cores in Fault: Elder Orb are chests containing high-value rewards. They can be purchased individually or in bundles using coins - the game’s premium currency. Sometimes, they’re offered at a discount and players can purchase these discounted chests when available. Furthermore, the contents of the Cores can be augmented by using up to three fragments; the more fragments used, the better the rewards will be.

Now, there are two types of Cores. Lesser Cores are given to players as an event reward or for accomplishing high-value achievements. They contain hero fragments and cosmetic items.

Prime Cores, on the other hand, can only be purchased with coins and cannot be acquired anywhere else. They contain mainly cosmetic rewards.

How About Orbs?

If Cores give high-value rewards, Orbs contain low-value items. Unlike its more premium counterpart, Orbs do not require a special key to unlock its contents. They are granted as in-game rewards for low-value achievements or given as event rewards at times.

Players will somehow have an idea of what the Orbs might contain just based on their name. For example, if the orb only contains fragments for a monetization category, it can be considered a Skin Orb, a Ward Orb, etc.

There are three types of orbs, namely Lesser, Common, and Prime Orbs. They can contain Matter, Fragments, and Keys, and each level has a higher chance of dropping the more valuable rewards.

So, how are Orbs earned? Here are a number of ways:

  • Playing a Match
  • Account Progression
  • Hero Mastery System
  • First Game of the Day
  • First Win of the Day
  • Daily Challenges
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Honor System/Level (Coming soon)

Other Features

Patch 0.17.0 also brings other new features. First, it is now possible for players to re-roll their fragments from the inventory to receive a new one. Second, there’s a feature that allows players to consume fragments of the same type to rent skins or heroes out for 24 hours. And third, players can change their names directly in the game by clicking name/avatar/currency.

It is also important to note that the game is now free-to-play on Steam.

Fault: Elder Orb Patch 0.17.0 is available on PC.

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