Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG Open Beta Now Live on Android

Be one of the first to try the game.
Be one of the first to try the game. Longcheer Game

For those looking for a new strategy RPG on mobile, try giving Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG a shot. The game has players take on the role of an adventure and choose from a gallery of more than 75 heroes, letting them explore and unlock the plot via chapter gameplay.

If you’re excited, the open beta has started on the Play Store. Simply download the game and enjoy the early access.

Fight Against Evil

Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG is set thousands of years ago and tells the story of a goddess. Under the guidance of the goddess, the people have managed to live and work in peace, but this utopia didn’t last long as evil declared war against humanity.

The fight caused the goddess to exhaust her strength and fall into a deep sleep. Fortunately, mankind stood up and also sounded the clarion call to resist and fight the evil. The war eventually ended with humanity successfully sealing the evil.

Games Features

Players can assemble a balanced team of Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark from a selection of more than 75 heroes hailing from five factions. Another feature is the lack of active skills. Why? This is because exclusive weapons give specific skills, so you must choose the best weapon for your heroes. Check out the features detailed below.

  • Show your Strategy
    • Player strategies are visible throughout the game.
    • They can choose a suitable battle route to win the combat faster and move into favorable terrain to protect the hero and reduce damage.
    • They also need to pay attention to the attribute counters to increase damage to enemies.
  • Diverse PvE gameplay to gather props
    • The game offers a well-designed PvE gameplay system with a balanced difficulty.
    • This allows players to collect necessary props as much and as fast as possible.
    • More than 6 gameplay systems can be unlocked successively.
  • Meet Superiors in PvP Gameplay
    • Players can fight with others in real time in Arena and raise their ranking from Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum, Diamond to King.
    • Join the Guild and participate in Guild Hunting.
    • Surpass other superiors to take the top spot in Guild and Arena.

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