Farming Simulator Runs Well On Switch, But We Miss Mods & Multiplayer

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Farming Simulator on Switch runs well, but doesn't have all the same features from the console and PC versions.
Farming Simulator on Switch runs well, but doesn't have all the same features from the console and PC versions. Giants Software

Farming Simulator may sound like a terribly boring game, and frankly, it kind of is. However, there’s a certain charm to running a farm, harvesting crops and raising animals. Farming Simulator has made its first foray onto a Nintendo console with the Switch, so how does it compare to its PC and console counterparts? While the game runs fine, it lacks a few of the desirable new features found on other platforms.

Farming Simulator 17 on Switch retains the core gameplay experience for which the franchise is known. Players plow fields, plant seeds, grow crops, harvest and sell the fruits of their labor, buy farm animals, upgrade vehicles and everything else you’d expect. Controls are laid out almost identically to other platforms, with players using the left and right bumpers to access different features of each vehicle. If you’ve played a Farming Simulator game before, you’ll be able to pick this up almost instantly.

Technically speaking, Farming Simulator runs just fine on the Switch. I never encountered any frame rate stuttering or other technical hiccups while tending to my crops. The graphics don’t look as sharp when playing in handheld mode as they do on a PS4 or Xbox One, but the Switch’s bright screen still allows vibrant colors to pop. The draw distance also leaves something to be desired, but it never was that great on consoles either.

The biggest difference between Farming Simulator 17 on PS4/Xbox One/PC and on Switch is that Nintendo’s console doesn’t support as many features. Farming Simulator 17 was one of the first games to allow mod installation on consoles, even beating out Fallout 4 on PS4. Nintendo’s internet system hasn’t been solidified on the Switch yet, which could be a reason why mods don’t work, but the eShop and game DLC are available for other games. What are mods but very small, free pieces of DLC?

The online multiplayer mode introduced in on other consoles is also absent from the Switch version. This is likely due to the fact that the Switch doesn’t have a firm grasp on its approach to online multiplayer. That said, games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Rocket League and other games all feature multiplayer (and even cross-platform support in Rocket League’s case). This was a missed opportunity to make the Switch version stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other platforms.

Shortcomings aside, Farming Simulator works perfectly with the Switch’s pick-up-and-play capabilities. Unlike other games with natural stopping points, Farming Simulator never really ends. You’re constantly going from one plot of land to the next, raising money to buy more vehicles and land and repeating the process. Having the easy ability to stop right where you are at any second, only to return and immediately resume play is a welcome addition.

This play anywhere mentality is pretty much the only reason why you should get Farming Simulator on Switch over other consoles. Playing on Xbox One, PC or PS4, Farming Simulator offers more features, mods and better visuals. If you haven’t played a Farming Simulator game before, look to these platforms to try it out. If you already own a copy, there’s little reason to double dip for a Switch version.

So what do you think? Are you going to pick up Farming Simulator 17 for the Nintendo Switch? Will you stick to farming on your PC or other consoles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Farming Simulator 17 - Switch Edition
Farming Simulator Runs Well On Switch, But We Miss Mods & Multiplayer
Farming Simulator runs just fine on the Switch, but doesn’t have as many features as other consoles.
  • Runs well on Switch
  • Pick-up-and-play gameplay works well
  • No mods or multiplayer features
  • No Switch-specific additions
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