Farming Simulator DLC Introduces Esports Mode On PC

Yes, Farming Simulator esports. This is not a joke.
Farming Simulator League
Farming Simulator League FSL

If you think farming games are slow and easy then you couldn't be more wrong, as Farming Simulator plans to change all that. In particular, the official Farming Simulator League Tournament DLC is now available to all PC players. While the DLC is free, players need to have Farming Simulator 19 in order to play it. Farming Simulator also reminded players that it is best to use a dedicated server. Though local hosting is possible, it can result in a number of problems.

The DLC also comes with tutorial videos which explains, among other things, how the FSL Game Mode works.

Still, we go back to the question of how a farming simulator can come up with a competitive scene. For that, give credit to Giants Software for finding a way to make a farming game exciting, if that is a word to describe it.

To start off, Farming Simulator League works similar to a MOBA, with some differences of course.

Unlike major MOBAs like League of Legends or Dota 2, FSL is played on a mirrored map. Meaning each team has identical sets of farm buildings, fields of wheat, and other areas of a far. What is on the left side for one team is also on the left for the other. Think Mobile Legends, if you are familiar with the game.

In terms of number of players, each team has three players, with one being the team captain. Unlike MOBAs, FSL has a set time of 15 minutes per game.

Each game has three phases. The first is the Ban/Pick Phase, which works like those in MOBAs. Next is the Pod Phase, where each team races to get a baler or harvester. In this phase, the team that manages to get all balers or all harvesters automatically wins. Finally, there is the field phase, which is the main game. It is not as simple as harvesting and dropping bales though, as there are a lot of game mechanics to take into consideration.

While it does have a sily factor into it, Giants Software hopes that the FSL mode serves as an option to play non-violent esports. Farming Simulator already has a competitive scene, and all we can do for now is wait and see if the FSL mode can convince more players to give it a try.

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