Farming Simulator 22: New Crops, Seasonal Gameplay, and More

Farming Simulator 22
Farming Simulator 22 Steam

Farming Simulator 22 has plenty of new things to offer that will fancy the virtual farmer in you. These include new crops, new production modes, and even new seasonal options that will be available to you at your disposal.

New Crops

Three new crops are featured in Farming Simulator 22. These are the grapes, olives, and sorghum.

The developers cited several reasons why they’ve chosen these crops as part of the upcoming game. For one, these crops would require new and exciting machine types that would help diversify your playing experience.

Grapes and olives, in particular, would require special conditions to prosper. They are the first crops in the game that have vines. Because these vines could collide with one another if you’re not careful, special machines would have to be used to maneuver your way through the crops.

The new machinery that you need to work with has a special working width of 1 to 1.5 meters. This is the vehicle that you should use when handling grapes and olives as big tractors will not be able to drive between the vines without colliding into them.

Although the new mechanic can be tedious, you can expect great rewards and profits once you’ve successfully grown your grapes and olives.

What about sorghum? It is a highly nutritious grain that can be processed into many products. With warming temperatures, its addition is fitting in Farming Simulator 22.

Processing Options

You can do several things once you’ve harvested your crops. Grapes, for instance, can be processed into grape juice. You even have the option of processing them into raisins if you are so inclined.

Sorghum, being a highly nutritious ingredient, can be processed into flour. Olives can be processed into olive oil, which is quite profitable when it enters the market.

Seasonal Gameplay

Another great new feature coming to Farming Simulator 22 is the seasons.

As a virtual farmer, you will have the option to enable seasonal gameplay where you must consider the conditions brought by spring, summer, fall, and winter.

For example, when you enable seasonal growth, grapes are best planted between March and June. They should be harvested between September until the end of October.

Failing to plant and harvest the crop correctly would result in wastage and huge losses. Enabling seasonal gameplay would present a whole slew of challenges, thus making the game even more fun to play.

Production Chains

Farming Simulator 22 Production
Farming Simulator 22 Production Steam

Lastly, you will have the power to decide what to do with the crops that you have harvested with multiple production chains in Farming Simulator 22.

You can still sell your crops as normal but you can choose other options, like selling your ingredients to local bakeries, supplying farmer’s markets, and more.

So basically, multiple production chains are a new way to sell products and manage your stocks.

Farming Simulator 22 will be available on November 22. You can pre-order your copy on Steam today.

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