Fargone: Trials of the Hollowed Now Live on Steam

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Fargone is a survival game where you explore a world that was destroyed by a nuclear disaster. It features a dynamic faction system that allows you to choose whether to make allies or enemies with the people you come across. Ultimately, your goal is to survive the harsh environment while keeping the undead at bay.

Just recently, developer RedDot Games launched the Trials of the Hollowed Update for Fargone, which introduces new locations, world events, and new quests. The arena has been added as well. This place lets you earn reputation, money, and XP by defeating 10 waves of monsters while defending a base with other people. The arena is the perfect avenue to collect new weapons, especially if you’re able to survive through the more difficult rounds.

After seeing that a lot of people have geared up their characters in Fargone way too quickly than intended, the company has made some changes to make the game a bit more challenging in Trials of the Hollowed Update.

For instance, RedDot Games has introduced weapon jamming - a mechanic that makes your weapon unusable until you fix it. Moreover, the weapons that you find on The Barrens now drop in poor condition, which requires you to use a weapon repair kit if you want to keep using them.

You can find the other changes below:

  • Weapon disassembling
  • Wildlife and Hunting
  • Throwable equipment
  • Reworked bunker system featuring key decoding and crate unlocking via the Bunker Master NPC
  • Bunker system rework
  • Wells for refilling water containers
  • World events (will be further expanded)
  • Armor and gas mask maintenance
  • Crosshair (can be toggled)
  • Bounty board with repeatable missions
  • The Arena
  • Barrens Penitentiary
  • Factory
  • Bandit HQ
  • Sheriffs HQ
  • Numerous POIs added around the world
  • New AI camps
  • New bandit variants and appearances
  • 1 new quest in The HZ (Prequel to the first narrative quest line coming soon)
  • 1 New quest in The Grasslands
  • 1 New quest in the Mountains
  • Undead hounds
  • Armored zombie
  • Boomer
  • Bloater
  • SC 11 Assult rifle (Scar H)
  • Dragunov
  • Anaconda
  • Double Barrell
  • Hateful Wrath (unique bandit weapon)
  • Reworked M4 animations
  • Reworked pump action shotgun animations
  • Reworked animations for PM-1
  • Added new animation for gas mask filter change
  • Added new animation for armor repair kit use
  • 02 tank backpacks (3 Variants)
  • Balaclava (2 Variants)
  • Datapad (required for map and journal now)
  • Multi-tool
  • Skinning knife
  • Leather
  • Antlers
  • Bunker-specific keys
  • Locked bunker crates

The full patch notes can be found on Steam. Fargone Trials of the Hollowed Update is available on PC.

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