Far Cry New Dawn Photo Locations Guide: Completing Your Trip Down Memory Lane

Here are all nine photo locations to complete the A Thousand Words side mission in Far Cry New Dawn Ubisoft/Player.One

Far Cry New Dawn is here, and it’s filled with all sorts of collectibles and secrets. One of the most memorable is the A Thousand Words side quest, which gives Far Cry 5 players a trip down memory lane. Players must go to specific locations and look at old pictures to see how time and nuclear explosions have changed each area.

To start the A Thousand Words side quest, go to the second floor of the main house in Prosperity. You’ll find photographs to pick up. This automatically starts the mission, but doesn’t provide the locations for each Photograph. The Photo Locations map is available for purchase, but this guide will save you the precious Ethanol.

Far Cry New Dawn Photo Locations Guide

All photo locations have a stool on a little platform, as seen in this picture Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

At each location, there is a little platform and a stool like in the above picture. Once at each platform, hold up on the D-pad to raise the related photograph in the air. Walk around until you line up the photograph with the world behind it. The game will help snap the photo into the right spot. You’ll know you did it right when the frame glows gold.

This location is right outside of Prosperity Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

The first photo is right outside Prosperity. Go a little to the west of the north side of Prosperity to find this photo spot.

Outside of The Chop Shop, not too far from Prosperity Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

Just to the northeast of Prosperity is an outpost called The Chop Shop. This will likely be the first outpost you encounter. This photo spot is a little to the southwest of the outpost.

Just to the east of Prosperity by Rye & Daughters Aviation Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

If you go east of Prosperity, you’ll find Rye & Daughters Aviation. This photo location is just southeast of the area.

Towards the southeast corner is the outpost known as The Refinery. Look around there for this spot Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

Further to the east is the outpost known as The Refinery. Just north of this outpost is this photograph location.

In the middle of the map by Old Fang Farm Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

The next photo location is towards the middle of the map. Look for the Old Fang Farm location, then go east towards the river.

Towards the middle of the map at The Pantry Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

On the other side of Old Fang Farm is an outpost called The Pantry. There is a photo location on the outskirts of The Pantry, just to the east.

The Island is the closest location to this photo spot Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

Towards the north end of the map is an outpost in the middle of a lake. This outpost is, fittingly, called The Island. There is a photo location northeast of The Island, right along the shoreline.

All the way to the east, at Chateau Boshaw Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

On the far east side of the map is the mission location for Sharky at Chateau Boshaw. This photo location is to the northeast of the area.

All the way to the north, at Joseph's Sanctuary Photo: Ubisoft/Player.One

Once you complete the story up to a certain point, you’ll be allowed to travel north. Once up here, you’ll find Joseph’s Sanctuary. There is a photo location just south of the area.

Go to each location and line up the photos to collect some major Perk rewards and complete the side mission. Thanks to Corey Poindexter for helping with the screenshots.

So what do you think? Are you planning on visiting all nine photo locations in Far Cry New Dawn ? What other questions do you have about the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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