Far Cry New Dawn Music Player Location Guide

Here's every location for the Music Players in Far Cry New Dawn Ubisoft

There are plenty of places to go and things to collect in Far Cry New Dawn, but few of them actually do anything. However, if you find any of the Music Players in Hope County, you’ll have some new tunes to listen to when you’re rolling across the countryside in a motorcycle.

The Audiophile side mission starts when you find the first Music Player. It does require you to have two specific Perks as well, which will be noted below. A map can be bought to show all 10 Music Player locations in the game, but this guide saves you some precious Ethanol.

Far Cry New Dawn Music Player Location Guide

Location: Big Mike Dale’s. This location is east of the Chop Shop outpost. Look on the ground for an underground bunker hatch. Go inside to find this music player.

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Location: Sergey’s Place. This location is along the main river in the middle of the map. You’ll have to punch through some boards to find this music player. Follow the sounds to guide you to the right location.

Location: Bradbury Woods. This location is a little north of Prosperity. You’ll have to punch through some more boards to get to the side of the garage with the music player.

Location: In between Deadgas Crossing and Redler’s Hollow Grapple. This is the only Music Player not at a specific location. It is north of the Chop Shop outpost along the shore of a small lake. Find a tower, go to the back to grapple into the window. Requires the Grapple perk.

Location: Frobisher’s Memory. This location is to the west of the Signal Point outpost. Find a cave at the base of the hill. Inside, there is a ledge you need to jump up to. Requires the Leap of Faith double jump perk.

Location: Fillmore’s Hovel. This location is along the southern edge of the map, south of the Refinery outpost. Look for a hatch on the ground that leads to an underground in a bunker.


Location: Rotgut Pass. This location is in the southeast area of the map. There is a locked door, so find the key on top of a vending machine. If you are facing the door, look behind you. The Music Player is behind boards in a toilet, so smash the boards.

Location: Sein’s Sanctuary. This location is to the southwest of the Flame of Eden at the top of the big mountain in the eastern part of the map. Smash through boards on the ground to find a pit underneath with the Music Player.


Location: Tombwater. This spot is towards the north of the map, west of the Watering Hole outpost. Shoot the door off the freezer to find the key to the locked room. The Music Player is behind the locked door.


Location: Forgotten Barracks. Find this area in between the Watering Hole and Empty Garden outposts on the very east side of the map. Smash the crate on the ground to find the key needed for the locked door.

So what do you think? Are you ready to go find all the new songs in Far Cry New Dawn ? What other questions do you have about the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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