Far Cry 6: The New Lost Between Worlds Expansion Coming December 6

It's time for a new experience.
It's time for a new experience. Ubisoft

A new expansion is coming to Far Cry 6 and it’s set to introduce a new experience to everyone. Titled Lost Between Worlds, it takes players to an otherworldly dimension filled with fractured worlds known as rifts. Each rift offers a twisted slice of Yara, which is full of surprises, dangers, and diverse gameplay challenges. It’s launching on December 6.

The upcoming expansion has players take on the role of Dani Rojas. They’ll be doing something different for each rift like trying to stay ahead of a lightning storm, exploring a submerged version of Esperanza full of sharks, and even scrambling down an active volcano. Along the way, players unlock new weapons and new abilities. They’ll need those to fight against crystalline enemies as they try to collect lost shards and earn powerful gear.

Across multiple runs, there will be different paths from one rift to another for players to choose. They’ll also need to enter into a rather uneasy alliance with Fai, the artificial intelligence whose spacecraft are the reason for the rifts.

New Update

While waiting for the new expansion to go live, players can now enjoy the new free update. This one offers the New Game Plus, a chance for them to begin their attempt to liberate Yara anew after finishing the campaign while keeping their game progression and unlocks.

There’s also the Completionist Aid feature, added to help players find all the hidden secrets of Yara.

Players should be happy to know that a free trial is now available on various platforms through Ubisoft Connect. With this, they can explore and go on an adventure through the Isla Santuario region in the early days of Dani Rojas' fight versus Antón Castillo. Players can keep their progression if they decide to purchase the game, currently on sale for as much as 67% off.

The Lost Between Worlds expansion is available as a standalone add-on purchase for $19.99. It's also part of Upgrade Pass which includes DLC episodes where players take on the role of some Far Cry villains.

Far Cry 6 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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