Fallout Shelter Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday With Free In-Game Goodies

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Bethesda

Fallout Shelter reached a new milestone as it is set to celebrate its fifth birthday. The game was first released back on June 14, 2015, through the iOS platform, a first for the Fallout franchise. Two months later it was released for Android. Developer Bethesda Game Studios didn’t stop there though, as it released versions for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even the Nintendo Switch.

While the game indeed falls in the same universe, this one offers different gameplay as players are tasked with building and managing their very own vault. In celebration of its fifth anniversary, Fallout Shelter is giving away free in-game goodies starting on June 15 and running all the way through June 19. All players need to do is simply log-in everyday and receive the gift. There’s going to be different items handed out each day, so be sure to check in every day. A bit of bad news though, if you could call it that, this offer is only available for the mobile version of the game.

In addition to free gifts, there’s also discounts offered from June 12 through 14. During this period, select bundles are offered for as much as 50% off. There’s no question that this is indeed a good time to play Fallout Shelter.

That said, let’s look at the different statistics over the five-year period:

  • Total Users: 170 Million
  • Babies Born: 1,406,518,988
  • Vaults Created: 192,151,532
  • Hours Played: 1,208,946,918
  • Quests Completed: 467,381,987
  • Dwellers Levelled to 50: 116,706,558
  • Dwellers Died Exploring the Wasteland: 454,707,234
  • Deathclaw Attacks: 246,922,824
  • Pets Adopted: 248,345,879
  • Bottle and Cappy Visits: 303,338,222
  • Number of Vaults at Maximum Occupancy: 6,612,569
  • Nuka-Cola Bottler Rooms Built: 27,706,064
  • Mysterious Stranger Visits: 4,588,123,634
  • Radroach Infestations: 1,319,415,819

When Fallout Shelter was first released, it received mixed reviews, though they were mostly on the positive side. For many critics, they enjoyed how the game extended the Fallout universe. There was also praise for the visual style along with the core gameplay. However, criticisms were focused on the apparent lack of depth and what was clearly a game that had no ending. Another issue raised was on the unnecessary micro-transactions, something that many mobile games continue to face even today.

The mobile version of Fallout Shelter is still available on Google Play and the Apple Store, along with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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