Fallout 76 Extends Season 5 to September 21

A bit of a delay.
A bit of a delay. Bethesda

For those excited for Fallout 76 Season 6, it looks like they may have to wait a bit longer. The current season has been extended by two weeks until September 21.

In a post, the Fallout 76 team revealed that there was an issue that affected Season 5 rank-ups. In particular, there were players who weren’t able to claim the rewards for ranks that they bought using Atoms. This diverted the team's focus to addressing the problem.

What will happen in the extension is that in the first week, rank-up purchases using Atoms are disabled. Players, however, can still continue to increase their rank by getting S.C.O.R.E. from Daily and Weekly Challenges. The team said that hopefully, they can resolve the issue and release the fix by the second week.

The Unstoppables vs. The Diabolicals

With the start of Season 6 delayed, there’s more time to prepare for a new adventure. For this upcoming season, SamurEye, Pyramind, and Catarax have grown tired of having their plots and plans being shut down by the heroes. This has led them to join The Diabolicals. Not to worry since The Unstoppables are more than willing to team up with the heroes.

By Day and By Night

Season 6 will introduce two new allies in the game. While they’re not handing out quests, they can help players with their C.A.M.P. They can sell some items and even give a buff once a day.

The first is Daphne, who is unlocked once the player reaches rank 25. She’s going to give players the chance to get toys, snacks, and drinks, in exchange for Caps. Besides that, she can give different buffs. As a child of the wasteland during the day, she gives bonus Luck and can identify magazines and comics easily. When night comes, she becomes the Inspector and helps increase the player’s Perception. This helps in finding more food from containers and even extra caps from caps stashes.

Get your daily dose of buffs.
Get your daily dose of buffs. Bethesda

Grognak Fan

The second ally is Maul, who is unlocked at rank 50. This rather talkative Super Mutant is clearly obsessed with Grognak, something players can immediately realize upon first talking to him. What players need to do is talk to him each day and try to earn his trust to learn more about who he is. He’s selling different types of meat and meat-themed plans. For his buff, he can improve the Strength of the player, increasing their rad resistance and making melee weapons feel light.

So what do you think? Excited for Season 6?

Fallout 76 is an online action RPG released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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