Fallout 76 Scorchbeast Update: Changes Coming In Patch 6 Later This Month

Scorchbeast encounters are changing in the upcoming Fallout 76 Patch 6
Scorchbeast encounters are changing in the upcoming Fallout 76 Patch 6 Bethesda

Fallout 76 developers are preparing for the release of Patch 6, the next update to Bethesda’s online RPG. While the patch notes for the update haven’t been released yet, we do know some changes we can expect.

A big feature of Patch 6 is updates to Scorchbeast encounters. Bethesda says many players have provided feedback on Scorchbeasts and Scorchbeast Queens, and so changes were needed. The planned updates are as follows, from the Bethesda website:

  • Sonic Scream Attack Frequency: One of the most common points of feedback we receive about Scorchbeasts is how they feel like they’re using their Sonic Scream attack too frequently. In Patch 6, we’re increasing the timer between successive Sonic Scream volleys to a minimum of 10 seconds for Scorchbeasts and the Scorchbeast Queen. Scorchbeasts and their Sonic Scream attacks will still be challenging, but this change should allow players more time to react in between volleys. Let us know how this feels once you’ve had a chance to play with this change following Patch 6 release. We’ll continue to monitor Sonic Scream and can make further adjustments as needed.

  • Scorchbeast Queen Loot: In Patch 6, we’re also planning to fix a bug affecting the Scorchbeast Queen’s loot list, which often results in receiving the same plan as loot even after multiple Queen kills. Once this fix is live, the Scorchbeast Queen will be able to drop a wider variety of plans from her loot list, which should also limit cases where players receive a duplicate plan. Additionally, we are also looking into ways we can make her loot list more “legendary” in the future. While we're still working on implementing that system, we will let you know as soon as we have more details to share.

Bethesda also mentions the team is working on improving performance during Scorchbeast Queen encounters, but will share more information on these changes in a future update.

As for when Patch 6 will actually release, we don’t know yet. All Bethesda has mentioned so far is the update will come “later this month.” It’s likely we’ll see the Scorchbeast changes, and all other tweaks and modifications from Patch 6, in a week or two.

Fallout 76 is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see changes to Scorchbeast encounters coming to Fallout 76? What other changes do you hope are included in Patch 6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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