Fallout 76 Could Reopen Public Test Server Next Week

A lot of things happening.
A lot of things happening. Bethesda

Fallout 76 has a lot of new features planned to be introduced to the game. There's the C.A.M.P. Slots feature, for example, which hopes to allow players to have more than one C.A.M.P. While developer Bethesda is more than ready to test this out, there’s still no actual schedule when the PTS is going to reopen. Bethesda did say that they’re hoping to do it next week though it may be limited to PC players.

PTS Details

Bethesda said in a post that once the test server becomes available, players can unlock a new Pennant for their C.A.M.P. To get this item, players simply need to log in to the PTS and then play the game for at least one hour per day on three different days the PTS is live. The Pennant is an addition to the other playtesting rewards.

Steel Dawn Soundtrack

Fallout 76 has released the soundtrack for its Steel Dawn Update. Players can enjoy the music in the real world through these platforms:

Fasnacht Day

Fasnacht Day is almost here with festivities starting on February 16 and ending on February 22. For the entire period, everyone at the Wasteland says goodbye to Winter to welcome the Spring. Of course, many rewards can be earned along the way.

For those who haven’t tried it, Fasnacht Day is divided into two parts. In the first part, the Master of Ceremonies asks players to find and help nearby Protectrons with party prep. These include, among others, collecting meal ingredients, decorating, and playing musical instruments.

After that players then go to the center of town to meet the bots and join in the parade. Just don’t forget to defend the Protectrons. The more parade marchers that survive, the better the chances of getting rare rewards. Of many rewards, three new Fasnacht Masks are offered.

Mole Miners

It seems Mole Miners are back this weekend. Treasure Hunter Mole Miner activity has been detected again in Appalachia. Just track down these miners and then take them out to grab their Mole Miner Pails. This event starts today, February 11, and lasts until February 15.

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