Fallout 76 Gives a Peek at New Legendary Crafting System

A new way to power up.
A new way to power up. Bethesda

The Steel Reign update is set to be released on Fallout 76 on July 7. Expect many new things arriving to the game like new quests. Fresh as well is the Legendary Crafting system which can make players turn normal items into Legendary.

To make the crafting system, you need components known as Legendary Cores. These are used with Legendary Modules to change the items. With these two, players can simply go to the Weapon and Armor Workbenches, open the Modify menu and then craft away. The Legendary Cores are earned by finishing Seasonal Events, Public Events, and Daily Ops.

Players can also upgrade Power Armor pieces by going to Power Armor Stations. Several Legendary attributes applicable to Armor can be employed to Power Armor as well.

There are also new Legendary Attributes added while others got improved. Some of these that players can expect include:

  • New
    • Aristocrat’s
      • Damage increases as caps increase.
      • Maximum +50% damage at 29,000 caps.
    • Gourmand’s
      • Damage increases as players fill their hunger and thirst meters.
      • Maximum of +24% damage.
    • Juggernaut’s
      • Damage increases as Health increases.
      • Maximum of +25% damage at 95% health or above.
    • Last Shot
      • The final round in a magazine has a 25% chance to deal twice as much damage.
    • Overeater’s
      • Increases Damage Reduction up to +6% as players fill their hunger and thirst meters.
  • Updates
    • Assassin’s
      • Increased damage vs. Humans from +10% to +50%.
      • Enhanced VATS
      • Increased the VATS hit chance from +33% to +50%.
    • Mutant’s
      • Damage now increases by +5% per Mutation that affects the character, up to a maximum of +25%.
    • Suppressor’s
      • Damage reduction applied to the target has been buffed from 20% for 3 seconds to 25% for 5 seconds.

Bonus Challenge Week

A new season arrives next week and it means the ending of Season 4. So, there’s one more week to get through the final ranks. This promotion is available until July 6 and players get the chance to complete two extra Daily Challenges.

Fallout 76 is the first multiplayer game released by Bethesda. It was launched in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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