Fallout 76 Invites You to Shoot for the Stars Next Week

Get ready for some glitz and glamor. Bethesda

Season 13 is launching next week on Fallout 76 with players trying to Shoot for the Stars. Now, if you're thinking of space, you're wrong because the new season is actually inspired by the glitz and glamor of old Hollywood. The good news is it doesn't matter if you're a class act or a movie connoisseur, since there's something for everyone.

Here are some of the features in the new season:

  • New C.A.M.P. Items
    • Create your very own movie set using items like the Western Movie Set Façade, Director's chair, and Studio Camera.
  • New Armor Paints
    • Prepare to be the daredevil you were meant to be with the different Stuntman Armor paints, including the Stuntman Marine, and Stuntman Secret Service.
  • New Ally
    • Meet Joey Bello, the brash and wise-cracking stand-up comedian who hails from Atlantic City.
    • He'll have items to sell, including gum.
    • Be warned though since he also collects the jokes from the gum.

A New Expedition

Ever since the game debuted in 2018, it has become the home to at least 15 million players. Even then, there are still more new things being introduced, like for instance, everyone was invited to take an expedition to The Pitt. This was an industrial wasteland crippled by conflict and full of radiation. Upon arriving, players were asked to help the Union, a fledgling band of freedom fighters, to try and reclaim their home from the raider faction known as the Fanatics.

For the new season, there's a new call for another expedition. This time, everyone is invited to head over to Atlantic City.


Season 13 arrives in the game alongside the Once in a Blue Moon event courtesy of Patch 44. After that, Patch 45 launches in July and puts the focus on movies, which should be a fun one. Season 14 then starts in August with Patch 46 and has the theme of United We Stand. However, there's no scheduled major update for September, as of writing.

It goes without saying that in between major updates, expect events happening. Both July and August are particularly "heavy" with six events each.

Shoot for the Stars is launching on June 20. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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