Fallout 76 Update 20 Patch Notes: The Legendary Run And Public Teams Introduced

See what new things are arriving.
See what new things are arriving. Bethesda

Fallout 76 released Update 20 which introduces The Legendary Run to the game along with 76 Seasons, which offers a new progression system as well as new reward system. There is also Public Teams, a new social system that should allow for players to team up easily.

Prepare for the Legendary Run

For players who finish installing the the update, the Main Menu should show an option for The Legendary Run. The progression screen should be a Captain Cosmos-inspired board game where players race across the galaxy in a fight against the evil Dr. Zorbo. The progression is represented by a game piece on the board and players have 10 weeks to reach the finish line.

All players start their run at Rank 1 and advance their position on the board by earning S.C.O.R.E. though Daily and Weekly Challenges. Every time a player reaches a new Rank, they get to claim new rewards like C.A.M.P. items, unique armor, weapon skills, consumables, Perk card packs, and Atoms, among many others.

For Season 1, there are a total of 100 Ranks available with at least 40 new cosmetic items to grab along the way. The good news is that all players get to use the same progression and reward path. That means all players are going to work towards the same rewards for the entire season.

Two weeks after the run begins, players are given the chance to spend 150 Atoms in order to unlock the next rank, which will also claim the rank's rewards.

In order to earn S.C.O.R.E., players have to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. Nuclear Winter Daily and Weekly Challenges also now hand out S.C.O.R.E. in addition to other rewards. For The Legendary Run, the Challenges have been made not only more straightforward, but also easier to complete.

Team up with others

Adventuring alone may be good for some, but it’s also fun to play in groups. With the update, players should be able to see the Public Teams tab on the Social Menu. Through this new option, players can join a team or create one of their own. Each Public Team can have a maximum of four members.

For each Public Team, the Team Leader can set the Team Goal. Once the goal is chosen, all players in the current world get a notification that a new Public Team is now available.

The game allows for multiple Public Teams of the same type to exist simultaneously so players have the option to choose which one to join. Once a player joins a Public Team, they get a small buff aligned with that Team Goal. The Team Goals and buffs are:

  • Hunting
    • Bonus:
      • +25% XP for Legendary Kills
      • 100% for a fully bonded team
  • Roleplay
    • Bonus:
      • +1 Charisma
      • +4 for fully bonded team
  • Events
    • Bonus:
      • +25% XP for completing Events
      • 100% for a fully bonded team
  • Exploration
    • Bonus:
      • +1 Endurance
      • +4 for a fully bonded team
  • Building
    • Bonus:
      • +1 Intelligence
      • +4 for a fully bonded team
  • Casual
    • Bonus:
      • +1 Luck
      • +4 for a fully bonded team

You’re probably wondering what being a fully bonded team means. Well, over time you are your new teammates are going to form bonds. Each bonded teammate is going to add another stack to the Team Goal buff.

In addition to the new events, there are also new improvements and bug fixes which you can read about here.

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