Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: Secure Your CAMP with Enclave Outpost Bundle

Secure your CAMP.
Secure your CAMP. Bethesda

One way to survive in Appalachia is to always be prepared. This week in Fallout 76, everyone has the chance to make sure that their CAMP is well guarded. At the Atomic Shop, get the Enclave Outpost Bundle for 1,500 Atoms.

This bundle features:

  • Enclave Outpost C.A.M.P. Kit
  • Enclave Foundation
  • Enclave Stair Suite
  • Enclave Support Post
  • Enclave Chassis Display Frame
  • Alien Radiation Dummy
  • Enclave Light Machine Gun Paint

Free Items

This week, all players get the Brotherhood of Steel Backpack Flair free until April 25. Meanwhile, those who subscribed to the Fallout 1st service can also get the Grognak Wax Figure for free. Members who already have it need to wait until May 2 for the next free item.

The daily rewards have also been refreshed and this week, the offers are:

  • Perfect Bubblegum
    • Available: April 18 to April 19
  • Rad-X x3
    • Available: April 19 to April 20
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: April 20 to April 21
  • Caps x250
    • Available: April 21 to April 22
  • Gold Bullion x25
    • Available: April 22 to April 23
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: April 23 to April 24
  • Scout's Banner
    • Available: April 24 to April 25

Last Chance

Some items offered in previous weeks are still available but they'll be removed from the Atomic Shop on April 25. It's your last chance to get them but this is the best time because they’re offered at 20% off. The items are:

  • American Patriot Power Armor Paint Set
    • Old Atom Price: 1,400
    • New Atom Price: 1,120
  • Free States Survivalist Outfit
    • Old Atom Price: 800
    • New Atom Price: 640
  • Flying Saucer Playscape
    • Old Atom Price: 700
    • New Atom Price: 560
  • Appalachian Slate Wallpaper
    • Old Atom Price: 200
    • New Atom Price: 160
  • Lying Out Pose
    • Old Atom Price: 500
    • New Atom Price: 400
  • No Variant - No Way Emote
    • Old Atom Price: 100
    • New Atom Price: 80

These bundles are leaving as well, but you can still buy them before they head to the Vault on April 25:

  • Helvetia Easter C.A.M.P. Bundle (1,800 Atoms)
    • Helvetia CAMP Kit Full
    • Helvetia Porch Set
    • Helvetian Cabinet
    • Wooden Barrel
    • Porcelain Heirloom Blue Doll
    • Utility–Caged Rabbit
    • Helvetian Fence Set
    • Helvetian Window Canopy
    • Helvetian Lodge Sign
    • Helvetian Door
  • Power Patrol Outfit Bundle (1,000 Atoms)
    • Power Patrol Fatigues
    • Power Patrol Red Beret
    • Power Patrol Blue Beret
    • Icebreaker (Power Fist)
    • Cold Steel Player Icon
  • Easter Rabbit Bundle (750 Atoms)
    • Rabbit Plushie
    • Canoe Chair
    • Princess Castle Bed

Don't forget to check out all the offers available this week in the Atomic Shop. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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