Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: Have Fun with Roadside Attractions Bundle

Time to be whimsical.
Time to be whimsical. Bethesda

Just because you're living in a post-apocalyptic world it doesn't mean you can no longer have fun. This week in Fallout 76, you not only get that chance but also be the envy of other camp owners. After all, it's not every day that you can have a giant dinosaur in the front yard. It's part of the Roadside Attractions Bundle, available until April 4 in the Atomic Shop.

The bundle is priced at 1,200 Atoms and comes with these:

  • Cow Spots Creamery Stand
  • Cow Spots Creamery Brahim Milk Machine
  • Giant Dinosaur
  • Nuka-Cola Thermostat Billboard

Bundles Galore

If you're not happy with the Roadside Attractions Bundle, not to worry since you can try these:

  • Valorous Alistair Bundle (1,500 Atoms)
    • Valorous Alistair Paint (Gatling Plasma)
    • Valorous Alistair (Sword)
    • Alistair's Chronotron Backpack
    • Alistair Backpack Flair
    • Alistair Player Icon
    • Triumphant Alistair Emote
    • Valorous Alistair Outfit
    • Valorous Alistair Headwear
  • Vertiguard Blood Eagle Bundle (1,800 Atoms)
    • Blood Eagle Vertiguard Paint with Jetpack
    • Skulls Fire Pitt
    • Bird Skull Backpack Flair
    • Blood Eagle Totem
    • Blood Eagle Paint (Handmade Rifle)
  • Complete Chaos Bundle (1,800 Atoms)
    • Complete Chaos Power Armor
    • Armor Ace Paint (Gatling Plasma)
    • Commissioner Chaos Player Icon
    • Cold Steel Wallpaper
    • Cold Steel Floors
  • Spring Winds Bundle (1,500 Atoms)
    • Clown Punk Ball Toss Game
    • Tall Windmill Generator
    • Rhododendron Flower Bouquet
    • Gone Fission Sign
    • Heirloom Basket Backpack Skin
    • St. Patrick's Vault-Boy Paint
  • M.I.N.D. Bundle (1800 Atoms)
    • M.I.N.D. P.A. Velox Model
    • M.I.N.D. Paint (Laser Gatling)
    • M.I.N.D. Backpack Flair
    • M.I.N.D. Poster set (3)

Free Items

The weekly update wouldn't be complete without freebies. This week, everyone can get the "purrfect" addition to their garden which is the Cat Topiary, available until April 4. For Fallout 1st members, it's still the Owl in a Cage. If you already have it, you'll need to wait until next week to see the new offer.

For daily rewards, visit the Atomic Shop anytime this week to get:

  • Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 1)
    • Available: March 28 to March 29
  • Caps x250
    • Available: March 29 to March 30
  • Scrap Kit
    • Available: March 30 to March 31
  • Perfect Bubblegum
    • Available: March 31 to April 1
  • Caps x250
    • Available: April 1 to April 2
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: April 2 to April 3
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: April 3 to April 4

Don’t forget to check out all the offers available this week in the Atomic Shop. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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