Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: Look the Part When in Appalachia

Behold the Enclave.
Behold the Enclave. Bethesda

They say that when you're out in Appalachia, it's important to look the part. If you're clearing a radiation zone, for example, the Power Armor is the top pick. When hunting down creatures, it's important to wear something that doesn't stand out. That's not going to be a problem this week in Fallout 76 since the Atomic Shop has the outfits you're looking for.

There are some cool bundles available, which include:

  • Red Menace Outfit Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,800
  • Floor Walker Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,500
  • Big Game Hunter C.A.M.P. Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,200

If you already have the bundles, get your hands on these items:

  • The Flying Fortress
    • Atom Price: 560
  • Albino Fur Outfit
    • Atom Price: 350
  • Iron Cactus Set
    • Atom Price: 160
  • Chromed Minigun Paint
    • Atom Price: 320
  • Gladiator Outfit
    • Atom Price: 480
  • Super Angry Emote
    • Atom Price: 150

Free Items

This week, all players feeling a bit under the weather can take a step back with the Felt Better Player Icon. This is available in the Atomic Shop until May 17. Fallout 1st members don’t have something new since the free item is still the Hawaiian Shirt and Pants Outfit offered until June 7.

For the daily rewards, the items available are:

  • Trail Fireworks
    • Available: May 10 to May 11
  • Caps x250
    • Available: May 11 to May 12
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: May 12 to May 13
  • Nuclear Keycard
    • Available: May 13 to May 14
  • Legendary Scrip x50
    • Available: May 14 to May 15
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: May 15 to May 16
  • Super Stimpak
    • Available: May 16 to May 17

Seeing Red

For those who missed last week's offer, there's still time to get some of them in the Atomic Shop for a limited time. These include:

  • Red Ranger PA Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,800
  • Red Rocket Garage Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1,200
  • Red Rocket Garage
    • Atom Price: 500
  • Red Rocket Robot Helmet
    • Atom Price: 500
  • Red Wide Curtains Set
    • Atom Price: 300
  • Red Rocket Stash Box
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Red Rocket Power Connectors Set
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Corvega Turret Skin Bundle
    • Atom Price: 350
  • Gold Years Furniture Set
    • Atom Price: 180

Check out the other offers available this week at the Atomic Shop here. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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