Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update: Enjoy a Cozy Time with the Rustic Helvetian Hideaway Bundle

Have a relaxing time. Bethesda

This week in Fallout 76 everyone has the chance to have their very own cozy Appalachian getaway. The Rustic Helvetian Hideaway Bundle is now available in the Atomic Shop for 1800 Atoms. Don't take too long to decide since it's only there for a limited time.

The Rustic Helvetian Hideaway Bundle comes with:

  • Rustic Helvetian C.A.M.P. Kit
  • Rustic Helvetian Porch Kit
  • Helvetia Window Door
  • Helvetia Dresser
  • Helvetia Nightstand
  • Helvetia Beside Lamp
  • Red Tartan Curtains
  • Hand Carved Blackpowder Rifle Paint

Free Items

This week, the Cornflower Blue Wallpaper is available free for all players. This offer ends March 26. Meanwhile, players who visit the Atomic Shop on certain days of this week get to claim a different reward. The items are:

  • Nuka-Cola Twist
    • Available: March 19 to March 20
  • Carry Weight Booster
    • Available: March 20 to March 21
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: March 21 to March 22
  • Scrap Kit
    • Available: March 22 to March 23
  • Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 2)
    • Available: March 23 to March 24
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: March 24 to March 25
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: March 25 to March 26

Headed to the Vault

Some of the items in the Atomic Shop are set to be placed in the Vault. These items are going to be available until March 26 at 12:00 p.m. (ET):

  • Neighborhood Square Shelter
    • Atom Price: 1350
  • City Food Truck Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1800
  • City Park Performance Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1500
  • Turnstile
    • Atom Price: 250
  • Queue Barrier
    • Atom Price: 400
  • Big Fred's Trailer
    • Atom Price: 700
  • Lunchbox x40
    • Atom Price: 800
  • Repair Kit x40
    • Atom Price: 800
  • S.C.O.R.E. Booster x7
    • Atom Price: 400

Fallout 1st Offers

Subscribing to the Fallout 1st service may result in added expenses but there are perks that come with it. For example, members who haven't obtained the featured offered still have a chance to get it. The Quentino's Saxophone is available for Fallout 1st Members until April 2.

Other free items being offered this week for members are:

  • Ranger Armor Outfit
  • Scrapbox
  • Ammo Storage Box
  • Emote - Set
  • Player Icon - Set

Members can also enjoy exclusive offers like the Fallout 1st Quarter Bundle 9, available for 1000 Atoms. Then there's the Fallout 1st 2023 Yearly Catch Up being offered at 4000 Atoms.

Don't forget to check out the other offers available this week in the Atomic Shop here. Fallout 76 is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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