Fallout 76 Update Patch Notes: Balance Adjustments Made To One Wasteland

Fallout 76 was released two years ago, and it was a disaster. There is no good way to say it. However, Fallout 76 has made an impressive turnaround thanks to the continuous stream of updates, patches, and free DLC. Bethesda Game Studios recently released the big One Wasteland For All Update that levels all enemies across the world to your level, even if you're playing in a group. The feedback from players has been mixed so far on this new feature.

Bethesda is listening to players, and the developers recently released a small hotfix patch that makes some balancing changes and fixes a handful of bugs. The Fallout 76 UI was also slightly tweaked. The update made some adjustments to mid-level creatures so that players don’t have to encounter extra hard enemies. Players can no longer kill neutral players by bypassing PvP rules. The Armor Ace Bundle now has more preview images that you can see from the Scoreboard. Finally, the Weight Bench is now once again enabled, but the +2 Strength bonus granted by the bench will not stack up anymore.

Fallout 76 Update Patch Notes

You can read the complete patch notes of the update below and on the official site.


  • Creature Balance: Based on community feedback, we’ve implemented some balance tuning adjustments for a variety of mid-level creatures to help smooth out the difficulty curve on the path to reaching character level 50.
    • For additional details and our reasoning behind these changes, please read our most recent Inside the Vault article on Fallout.com.



  • PvP: Fixed an issue that could allow players to bypass the rules of PVP to kill neutral players.


  • Weight Bench: The +2 Strength bonus offered by the Weight Bench no longer stacks repeatedly, and subsequent uses of the Weight Bench correctly refresh the buff’s duration. The Weight Bench has now been re-enabled, and you can once again use it to pump some iron.


  • Scoreboard: Implemented additional preview images for the Armor Ace Bundle, which can be viewed by selecting Rank 100 on the Armor Ace Scoreboard.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Fallout 76? Do you still play the game or have you moved on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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