'Fallout 4' Team Making New Projects Since Release Of Nuka World & 'Skyrim,' Says Pete Hines

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Fallout 4 creators at Bethesda Game Studios have reportedly moved on to developing new projects since the release of the Nuka World DLC and Skyrim Special Edition. While the details are predictably light, studio marketing VP Pete Hines confirmed as much to his followers on Twitter.

The statement arrives after one gamer’s question about the possibility of new DLC for Skyrim. “The studio has moved on to new projects,” Hines replied, dashing any and all hope that the 2011 open world will be getting any bigger than originally planned. While Hines’ words don’t correlate directly to Fallout 4 in particular, it’s important to note that both titles were made in-house by Bethesda. The statement, then, applies to the developer as a whole.

However, because this tweet doesn’t specifically reference the Commonwealth, its implications are a bit more open in terms of Fallout 4. The fact that Hines uses the word “projects” as opposed to “games” further fuels previously denied speculation about DLC after Nuka World. That being said, we highly doubt the prospect.

The more likely scenario is that Bethesda and its various affiliates are getting the preliminary pieces in place for one of the three long-term projects the studio has been working on as of February. We know one of those titles to be The Elder Scrolls VI, but that highly anticipated sequel was not in development as of October. While we don’t know what’s next in the pipeline, it certainly sounds like one of the duo of unknowns might come first.

As for what those developing works might be, your guess is as good as ours. There was lots of hype in August about a discovered trademark filing for Fallout New Orleans, but the entry has since been removed. The validity of that speculation remains in question, but a Fallout spinoff to the tune of New Vegas doesn’t sound too impossible. The other more obvious assumption to make is that a new IP could be in the works. The possibilities for that type of project are endless, given the growing variety of products from Bethesda and the studios it owns.

Fallout 4 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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