Fallout 25th Anniversary: Enjoy Fallout 3 for Free for a Limited Period

The fun isn't over.
The fun isn't over. Bethesda

The celebration of Fallout’s 25th anniversary continues, and this time, fans of the franchise get a cool treat. Fallout 3 is going to be available free for a limited time. That’s right! From October 20 to October 27, you can get Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition from the Epic Games Store. This not only has the full game but also the DLC expansions.

Not enough? From October 17 to October 23, you can get your hands on select Fallout merchandise for as much as 20% off in the official North America Bethesda Gear Store. Get a head start on holiday and see the new additions being offered here.

Here are what else fans can enjoy during the celebration:

  • Active Prime Gaming subscribers have until November 1 to claim their free Windows PC code for Fallout 76.
    • Members also have until November 30 to redeem the code.
  • ​The Fallout franchise sales end today October 18 on Steam.
    • Be sure to grab what you can whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the series.
  • ​Enjoy the interview with Bethesda Game Studios Senior Character Artist Christiane Meister.
    • She’s been responsible for tons of designs and for sure some of you probably encountered her creatures and characters while exploring the wastelands of Fallout.
  • ​Learn more about the franchise with #FALLOUT25 Presents: The Fallout Timeline here.

A New Way to Test

The Public Test Server is reopening to share an early look at the upcoming Nuka-World on Tour update for Fallout 76. Now for this round of playtesting, players can expect something new. Instead of having the test server kept online, the PTS will be available for one week then followed by a one-week break. The schedule then repeats. It seems that this is to give the development team additional time to look through feedback and reports. With the break, the team can make adjustments before bringing the test server online again. The first week of playtesting starts October 19 and after a week closes, it resumes on October 27.

Read more about this PTS here.

The Fallout series of games started as post-apocalyptic role-playing video games that later became action RPGs. The latest title is Fallout 76, launched in November 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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