Fall Guys Season 3 Is Launching Today, Here's Everything You Need To Know

Fall Guys Season 3
Fall Guys Season 3 IGN

Fall Guys is kicking off its Season 3 Winter Knockout today and there's a ton of new content players can expect from the new season. The second season was all about medieval-themed levels and cosmetics. Additionally, players were challenged by a new obstacle called Thicc Bonkus. For Season 3, it's getting seven new winter-themed levels and new cosmetic items, among others. And for a similar obstacle, they can expect the Ringus Dingus in the new season.

In Season 3, fans will encounter the following obstacles:

  • Flippers: these obstacles are placed in the ground and they flip when a Fall Guy steps on them.
  • Punch Gloves: These massive gloves emerge from the side walls or the ground up, punching the Fall Guy away.
  • Ice Tiles: These are similar to the tiles in Hex, and unlike Hex, Ice Tiles are timebound. The longer you stay on them, the quicker they'll drop. Moreover, these tiles are going to be slippery.
  • Fans: Fans blow powerful air that can launch the Fall Guy either to their doom or towards the finish line.
  • Snowball: These obstacles start small in size and continue to grow in size as they roll. These humungous balls of snow can knock a Fall Guy off very easily.

It's safe to say that Season 3 is likely a lot crazier than the last season.

Speaking of levels, here are seven new levels joining the frenzy:

  • Tundra Run: Dodge snowballs, punchers, and flippers in a mad dash to the finish line!
  • Freezy Peak: Use blizzard fans and flippers to ascend the peak in the most epic race Round yet!
  • Ski Fall: Traverse a giant ice slide and dive through bronze, silver, and gold rings to score points and qualify!
  • Pegwin Pursuit: Chase down and keep hold of the Pegwin to score points for your team!
  • Snowy Scrap: Roll your team’s Snowball over snow patches to make it larger! Last team to hit 100% is eliminated!
  • Thin Ice: A spiritual successor to Hex-a-gone where players must traverse layers of breakable ice to avoid falling into the slime. Last bean remaining wins!
  • Roll Off: A Final round variant of Roll Out with added rising slime to make things interesting. Get grabbing!
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