Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Exclusive Clip Explains Tragic Backstory

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An image from Fairy Tale: Dragon cry, the series' second movie.
An image from Fairy Tale: Dragon cry, the series' second movie. (c) GAGA Communications, A1 Pictures, Funimation

Earlier this year, the second Fairy Tail movie debuted in Japan to a slew of positive reviews. And money - can’t forget the money. Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry earned $500,000 its first weekend and hit the #10 spot in the Japanese box office. Funimation is bringing it over to select theatres this August in both subtitled and dubbed format for American anime fans to enjoy as well. You can check out an exclusive clip above to get a taste of the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry dub and what our heroes will be facing next.

The clip tells the story of the Dragon Cry itself, which was discovered in the depths of a mountain tomb. The staff absorbed so much residual sorrow and anger that it took on a new form and became known as the Dragon Cry, filled with enough magic power to destroy a whole continent. Our heroes come in after sinister ex-minister Zash Caine has made off with the Dragon Cry.

The malevolent Zash is a follower of the dark arts who attempted to overthrow the king and his family. His mercenary band (a minister with his own mercenary band? gadzoinks) helped him to escape the Kingdom of Fiore before he was put on trial. Zash was given asylum by the kingdom of Stella, then murdered all his men to signal his devotion to his new lieges. (Damn, Zash! Did anybody ask you to do all that, though?)

The movie itself follows Natsu and his team, including flying cat Happy, ice mage Gray, knight Erza and wizard Lucy, as they join forces to infiltrate the kingdom of Stella and retrieve the staff. But it seems like some hinky shenanigans might follow….

Fairy Tail the series follows the adventures of a guild of young wizards set in a fictional Earth. A boy named Natsu teams up with a girl named Lucy Heartfilia to fulfill his dream of becoming a powerful wizard. Fairy Tail is one of those never-ending stories, with over 250 episodes already in the bag and more to come. The manga has sold roughly a bazillion copies worldwide.

"Anime fans have been clamoring for more Fairy Tail since the current anime series wrapped last year and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is exactly what they've been waiting for," said Gen Fukunaga, founder and CEO of Funimation, in a press release. "Creator Hiro Mashima has brought his wizards back together for their most exciting and deadliest mission ever. And A-1 Pictures truly brings his story to life on the big screen. Fairy Tail fans new and old will not want to miss Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry this August."

"We are excited to unleash this new tale of destruction, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, in theaters this August," added Michael DuBoise, EVP and COO of Funimation. " Fairy Tail ranks as one of the top franchises with our fans and this exciting new film from Hiro Mashima and A-1 Pictures will further cement its popularity. I encourage fans to pre-order tickets now so they don't miss out on this chance to see their favorite magical guild in theaters."

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will air in select theatres Aug. 14 in subtitled format and Aug. 16 and 19 in dubbed format, so make sure you pick a date for your preferred mode of viewing. You can find more details as well as a theatre selector on Funimation’s official site here.

Will you be watching Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry? Looking forward to another adventure with Natsu and the gang? Feel free to talk all things Fairy Tail in our comments section below.

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