Fairy Tail Adds Gajeel And Juvia To Character Roster

Gajeel and Juvia join the fight.
Gajeel and Juvia join the fight. Koei Tecmo America

Here's some good news for Fairy Tail fans. The video game version has officially added The Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel Redfox and The User of Water Juvia Lockser to the roster. This brings the total characters confirmed in the game up to seven. The other five are Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Erza "Titania" Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, and Wendy Marvell.

Both Gajeel and Juvia were members of the Phantom Lord Guild before the guild was forced to disband. Based on his name, Gajeel's Dragon Slayer Magic deals with manipulating iron and him eating iron in order to regain strength. Juvia, meanwhile, is a mage that can produce, control, and manipulate water.

Aside from confirming these two mages joining the roster, Fairy Tail also revealed some of the arcs that were going to be used in the game. These include fan favorites like the Tenrou Island arc, the Grand Magic Games arc, and of course, the Tartaros arc. Other episodes from the series are also going to be included.

The Fairy Tail game's plot is to be focused around halfway into the anime series. This begins around when Natsu and those at Tenrou Island disappear, forcing the guild to its almost near demise. Since Natsu's disappearing, Fairy Tail's prestige has gone down with the guild even incurring debts. However, Natsu and the gang manage to return just in time to help the guild and bring it back to its former glory with the Grand Magic Games. Players can expect to experience the action of Natsu facing off against Hades or Erza exchanging blows with Mermaid Heel's Kagura. Don't forget all the exciting battles against Tartaros as well.

All throughout the game, mages accept jobs through the request board found inside the guild. More often than not the jobs entail being part of battles so it is important to coordinate attacks with other party members. Once the job is complete, players can go back to the guild and report the status of the job. If successful, players receive items, money, and guild fame.

Guild rank is also going to vary in line with fame. It starts at Class D with the highest being Class S. What this means is that the higher the rank, the more difficult the mission and the bigger the rewards.

Fairy Tail is set to be released next year for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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