Factorio: Update 1.1.46 Vastly Improves Multiplayer Latency

Factorio Wube Software LTD.

Factorio is a base-building game where you land on an alien planet, harvest its resources, and build your infrastructure. Now, you might think that there are no consequences to your actions, but that is not true. The heavy exploitation of resources to power your machinery does not sit well with the locals, which is why you also have to fight them.

Developed by Wube Software LTD., the game has received an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam. That tells you that although Factorio does not have the eye candy that you see in other titles, it screams in gameplay experience.

Anyway, Update 1.1.46 has been released as a stable patch by the developers. The major change you can expect here is the improvements in multiplayer latency, especially for those who have very good internet connections. If you have a relatively poor connection, do not worry as the devs have changed the calculation of multiplayer latency to somehow make your playthrough smoother than before.

In terms of bug fixes, certain tooltips have been corrected. For instance, the artillery wagon and artillery turret tooltips should now give you an estimate of the damage that loaded ammo may inflict on the enemy.

Update 1.1.46 Highlights

  • Reduced multiplayer latency on very good connections by up to 66ms(4 ticks)
  • Changed multiplayer latency calculation to be smoother. This should reduce multiplayer stutter on bad connections
  • Changed default network send rate from 30 to 60 packets per second and added an option to configure the rate in server-settings.json
  • Add a 70% damage bonus to discharge defenses with Energy Weapons Damage 6 and 7. more
  • Fixed flamethrower turrets not reporting the correct damage bonuses
  • Fixed gun turret tooltips showing the ammo in the middle of the other stats
  • Fixed artillery wagon and artillery turret tooltips not showing the damage of the loaded ammo
  • Fixed drawing wall filler when hovering the mouse over ghosts
  • Fixed crash when trying to connect wire after wire type in cursor stack was changed by script
  • Fixed roboport would not output signals for 1 tick when the electric pole was mined while having circuit wire from same circuit network
  • Fixed that the pole drag building skip trigger didn't work, so the tip was always shown even when the player used drag building
  • Fixed mining drill GUI not being openable if the drill didn't have module slots or energy source with GUI. more
  • Fixed crash when destroying a vehicle on the same frame a tooltip is created for the vehicle's weapon and ammo bar
  • Fixed that building an entity over other forces' ghosts and undoing would transfer ownership of those ghosts to the undoer's force
  • Fixed a crash when setting inserters to require no power when rotating/extending

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

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