F1 23 Brings Back Braking Point with a New Story

F1 23 Braking Point
A favorite feature is making a return. EA Sports

When EA Sports F1 23 was first announced early this month, one of the highlights was the return of Braking Point. This story was first introduced back in F1 2021 where it was well received by a lot of players.

Back then, it followed the story of Aiden Jackson, who was able to break through the world of Formula 1. He had a lot of trials and challenges along the way and one of those was Devon Butler, a driver who would do anything to win. Aiden and Devon eventually became rivals but this year, the two find themselves working together at the Konnersport Butler Racing Team, the latest team to be part of the F1 grid.

The new Braking Point story focuses on the 2022 and 2023 seasons, featuring some familiar faces and new characters. One of those is none other than Callie Maye, the newly crowned Formula 2 champion. As the first woman to win the F2 championship, there's no doubt that Callie's hungry for a chance to get on the biggest stage: Formula 1.

Will Aidan or Devon step aside for Callie? Or will their rivalry boil over?

In Braking Point, as players make their progress, their actions both on and off the track determine their Performance and Reputation levels. Those able to finish Braking Point with high Performance and Reputation levels get more rewards.

Depending on their decisions when developing their car and team and how they respond to the press, they may unlock bonus objectives. Completing or failing these objectives has a lasting impact on how the storyline plays out.

Like all modes available in F1 23, those who progress through Braking Point earn Podium Pass XP which comes with its own rewards on top of those from completing the story.

Those who want to make the most out of Braking Point can pre-order the Champions Edition of F1 23. That's because they will get a number of the Braking Point characters as Icons for My Team.

F1 23 is launching June 16 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. A PC version is also offered through the EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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