F1 22: Driver Ratings Tweaked to Reflect Latest Performance

Significant changes made to driver ratings.
Significant changes made to driver ratings. EA

It was in late June when the Driver Ratings for F1 22 were first revealed. Since then, a lot has happened, so it’s time to update the Driver Ratings. Codemasters and Electronic Arts partnered with Formula 1 experts David Croft, Alex Jacques, and Anthony Davidson to make sure that the ratings reflect the individual performance of the drivers.

Better Ratings

What changes have been made? Six drivers have seen an increase in their Overall Ratings, particularly, Zhou Guanyu, George Russell, and Mick Schumacher.

Guanyu of Alfa Romeo saw his Overall Rating rise by five mainly due to better stats in Experience, Racecraft, and Pace. Russell saw an increase from 90 to 92 because of his podium finishes in the last two races. Finally, Schumacher got an increase of two points in Experience, Racecraft, and Awareness. It’s also worth noting that his performances for Haas at Silverstone and Austria played a part in the increase.

Other drivers with improvements in their ratings include Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz Jr., and Daniel Ricciardo.

A Tumble

On the other side of the coin, some drivers saw a tumble in the ratings due to inconsistent performances. Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, and Yuki Tsunoda all had their Overall Rating lowered mainly due to Pace. Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly’s score has been affected and it impacted his Awareness and Racecraft. Plus, Esteban Ocon and Nicolas Latifi both lost a point in their Overall Rating.

In a statement, Codemasters F1 Senior Franchise Director Paul Jeal shared that the Driver Rating is a key element in My Team. He added that updating this feature in line with the real season makes the game even closer to reality.

Rating Categories

For those wondering, the overall Driver Ratings are based on four categories which are:

  • Experience (EXP)
    • The number of race starts a driver has over the course of their career.
  • ​Racecraft (RAC)
    • The driver’s ability to work their way through the pack and finish in a higher position than where they started.
  • ​Awareness (AWA)
    • The less time spent in the Steward’s room will help drivers here. Real-world punishments will impact the score in this category.
  • ​Pace (PAC)
    • Benefits those who get closest to the fastest qualifying and race lap times. A driver beating their teammate is also taken into consideration.
  • ​Rating (RTG)
    • The combination of the previous four ratings. This overall rating will go up and down throughout the season based on performance.

You can check out the new Driver Ratings here.

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