ARK: Survival Evolved Extinction Expansion Coming to Nintendo Switch April 11

Return to where it all started.
Return to where it all started. Studio Wildcard

The third expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, with ARK: Extinction scheduled on April 11. It's going to offer a new map and new storyline for everyone to explore and new creatures to tame. New challenges are available as well which even veteran players are sure to find rather difficult.

To play ARK: Extinction , players need to have the base game. The expansion can be downloaded for free to those who already have ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition.

Features of the expansion include:

  • A Planet in Distress
    • The expansion brings survivors back to where everything started, on Earth.
    • This once lush and thriving home world has now become a corrupt, hostile, and desolate shell of its former self.
    • Journey into the diverse landscape where ruins of a past civilization tell clues about the planet’s demise along with the keys to reviving its future.
    • While the terrain is bleak and foreboding, at the middle of it all lies an overgrown and deserted technological metropolis.
    • Explore and learn more about the long abandoned micro-biospheres which served as the early prototypes for the ARKs of today.
  • Tame New Creatures
    • Capture, tame, and craft powerful and unusual organic and mechanical creature types.
    • Increase situational awareness by flying and controlling robotic surveillance drones.
    • Harvest valuable resources by taming and feeding organic transmutation machines.
  • Craft Unique Items
    • Ensure mastery of this forsaken world with the many new and exotic craftable items, such as:
      • Creature leash.
      • Taxidermy tools.
      • Tek bridge.
      • Portable cryopod
  • Conquer New Challenges
    • The Element runs rampant across Earth, corrupting and mutating all that it touches.
      • Survivors need to prepare for unique challenges fueled from these cataclysmic events.
    • Engage in epic battles of titanic proportions especially when encountering the colossal Titans that rule the planet as the ultimate apex predator.
    • Scour the wastelands for orbital supply drops and be sure to protect the precious cargo they contain while fending off an onslaught of Element-corrupted monstrosities.
  • Ark Conclusion
    • Return to Earth and complete the conquest of the ARK universe.
    • Get answers to advance the storyline and learn the fate of the original explorers.
    • Discover the true purpose of the ARK network and unravel the remaining mysteries of the Homo Deus.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC through Steam and Epic Games Store. It's also offered for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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