Exodemon Continues The Retro FPS Trend With An August 3 Release Date

Inspired by 90s shooters, and featuring a very 'handy' arsenal.
Exodemon travels from itch.io to Steam, where it will finally see a major release this coming August.
Exodemon travels from itch.io to Steam, where it will finally see a major release this coming August. Kuupu

The retro FPS genre’s resurgence continues, as more and more titles stylized after classics like Quake, Unreal, and Doom are gaining traction and popularity in today’s PC gaming market. Just a few weeks ago, we saw the release of Amid Evil, a very unique take on the genre with its over-the-top selection of weapons and a diverse lineup of worlds to discover. Of course, if you just want good old Quake II, but modernized with ray tracing, then look no further than Nvidia’s Quake II RTX, which is available to download for free on the GPU manufacturer’s site.

In approximately one month, we’ll get another retro FPS title, as Exodemon finally gets a full-fledged release on Steam. This fast-paced shooter inspired by the FPS golden age in the 90s first gained traction on itch.io, where the developer, Kuupu, has built quite a following over the years during the game's development period. The announcement for its Steam release in August also came with a launch trailer, and you can check out below.

Exodemon pits you against maze-like levels filled with hordes of enemies, as you are literally “armed” with a set of claws that have the ability to shoot projectiles. The movement is looking pretty smooth too, and you can also use your claws close-ranged as opposed to ducking and weaving across enemy fire while shooting them back.

The game also prides itself on fast-paced combat, aimed primarily at players who are tired of the arguably slower FPS mechanics of today. Of course, since it’s an old-school shooter, expect no actual hand holding like regenerating health. To compensate, you also have no reload time, and as such you’ll end up relying purely on how well you can aim and shoot while moving at a very fast pace, aspects which modern shooters have seemingly forgotten about.

Exodemon sees you playing as a scientist trapped in the edge of the universe and infected by an alien entity. This symbiote is trying to take over your body, and your goal is to ultimately find a way to keep yourself intact and human, before you end up losing it to the being that’s also giving you unmatched power.

If you’d like to get the game now at a very generous price of one dollar, check it out on itch.io here. Otherwise, you can check out the Steam page for Exodemon here, which will see its release in early August.

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