Eximius: Seize the Frontline 1.0.5 Update - Balances, Bug Fixes, and More

Eximius: Seize the Frontline
Eximius: Seize the Frontline Steam/Ammobox Studios

Eximius: Seize the Frontline developer, Ammobox Studios, recently released a new update that added tons of balancing changes and fixed some known issues.

The armored carrier Crawler, which is used by the Axeron faction, got multiple tweaks making it more preferable. The increased health and increased maximum passenger limit make the carrier a good choice for a full squad, which moves quite a lot. On the other hand, the developers have fixed an issue with the latency of enemies not being displayed on the scoreboard.

Eximius: Seize the Frontline 1.0.5 Update


  • Added Option to Disable Base Defense Turret for Annihilation Mode
  • Players can now drop a maximum of three Resupply Crates at a single time
  • All Structures are now limited to a maximum of eight per game except for Power Plants, Power Reactors, and Turrets
  • Assault Vanguard CAMG Homing can now target Vehicles and Structures
  • Improved Sigma Turning Rate
  • Reworked Vehicles Physics. Vehicles are less likely to get stuck when making sharp turns
  • Ocular defense build requirement now Tier 1 from Tier 2

Balance Changes

  • Targeted Strike is now restricted from use near enemy base
  • Power Reactor and Power Plant Health increased to 3,500 from 3,000
  • Reduced AXR AEG Grenade EMP duration to eight seconds from 20
  • Armory and Secured Mule Health increased to 3,200 from 3,000
  • GSF Turret and AXR Turret Health increased to 3,500 from 3,000
  • AXR Undeployed Structures Health is now equal to their deployed version
  • Fabricator Transport increased to 8,000 from 3,000
  • Turret Transport increased to 3,500 from 1,500
  • Power Reactor Transport increased to 3,500 from 1,500
  • Research Module Transport increased to 6,500 from 2,500
  • XM45 Mag Package increased stability and decrease spread
  • UA9 Tactical decreased the rate of fire from 25 shots per second to 22.2 shots/sec and has a slightly increased spread.
  • UA9 Tactical decreased maximum ammo capacity to 40 from 50
  • Gauntlet CPC direct impact damage increased to 550 from 440
  • Gauntlet CPC increased splash damage radius to five meters from 4.4M and increased splash damage to 500 from 350. Falloff remains the same.
  • Gauntlet CPC charge time decreased to 2.4 seconds from three seconds
  • APC max passenger size increased to eight from six
  • Crawler Cargo Improvement research upgrade now increases Crawler cargo size to 10 from six
  • GSF Turret, AXR Turret, and AXR Ocular Defense visibility sight range and weapon range increased to 80 meters from 70 meters
  • AXR Laser Strike direct hit damage increased by 20% (36 per hit from 30)
  • MRPG maximum range increased to 85 meters from 70 meters


  • Fixed Interaction Ring sometimes being persistent on Players Screen
  • Fixed Production buttons not refreshing after a production is started (not grey out if insufficient resources)
  • Fixed Echelon Crew being able to activate APS when deploying Mortar
  • Fixed multiple footsteps sound playing when an officer goes from FPS to TPS camera view (eg. Aegis Shield)
  • Fixed footstep sound still playing while an officer is suiting up a Battlesuit
  • Fixed unit callout voice overplay in 2D in offline mode
  • Fixed Maelstorm damage indicator not showing on affected Vehicle
  • Fixed Long Unit Names from overflowing the DeathCam Widget
  • Fixed Phantom Drone not being destroyed when hacked by Exploit Vanguard
  • Fixed Specialist not playing capture animation while capturing capture points

You can read more about the update here.

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